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Bow Wow Wow - Live In Japandotdotdot
artworkBow Wow Wow were a creation of Malcolm McLaren. He had spotted 14 year old Burmese Annabella Lwin Lu Win in a laundromat. He matched her up with a solid set of players, gave them exotic percussion and danceable rhythms, and viola! Bow Wow Wow was born. Aside from a string of catchy well written and infectiously performed pop songs, they also laid down one guitar instro with adequate surf credentials called "Orang-Outang." This live set from a Japanese tour (date unknown) includes that tune in a much thicker and more power jived rendition.
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Orang-Outang dotdotdotdot
Psycho Surf Swirl (Instrumental)

Well now. The original studio release is much more surfy, but this is huge and swirly. The thick whirlpool whammy guitar and rhythmic exotic beat play havoc with your sense of the barrier between the sea and the shore. There's no shortage of flash and energy here! Annabella Lwin Lu Win shouts out the title just before Matthew Ashman's guitar dominates this power track.