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The Boss Martians - C'Mon Jenny c/w 30 Model Adotdot
artworkThis gorgeous picture disc is in mono. The single is limited by the marginal production and mid-fi sound, and for those who haven't graduated from vinyl yet, there's an ample supply of vinyl distortion here to mask the performance. The A side is a not-too-thrilling vocal, though better than any on their recent album. I think they wanna be the Astronauts, but it doesn't quite work. It needs some hooks. The B side is a very cool instro with a choppy feel.
Picks: 30 Model A

Track by Track Review

30 Model A dotdotdot
Surf Pop Astronauts (Instrumental)

Cool choppy tune, production is limited, but the infectious nature of the tune comes through anyway. A whole lot of vinyl distortion... I mean a lot!