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Boom Pam - Promodotdotdotdot
artworkThis demo is a short sample of the new album en route to pressing as this is written. The whole notion of tuba and surf is just too weird to imagine, but it sure does work well in the hands of Boom Pam. This is completely fresh, and simply superb!
Picks: Surfing Tuba, Sabale, Malibu

Track by Track Review

Surfing Tuba dotdotdotdot
Tube Surf (Instrumental)

The tuba provides a sort of fog horn imagery to the surf guitar's double picked groove. Middle eastern melody structure and a gradually speeding up midsection make "Surfing Tuba" all fun. The engines race across the aural spectrum. Entirely cool!

Sabale dotdotdotdot
Tube Surf (Instrumental)

There's angular danger in the chords of "Sabale," and the drums add to an uneasy future. Double picked guitar lines, and a mysterious melody played with balalaika-like tone. Very cool!

Malibu dotdotdotdotdot
Tube Surf (Instrumental)

The sea laps at the shore to introduce the double picked wrangle of "Malibu." Imagine desert cowboy twang on short boards with incredible rolling drums... yeah, that's the idea here. It's surf with cowboy twang and sweeping oceanic imagery. Superb!