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Booker T. and the MG's - Green Onionsdotdotdot
artworkThis is the classic first album from the Memphis soul masters and house band of the Stax / Volt labels. What more do you need to know?
Picks: Green Onions, Rinky Dink, I Got A Woman, Mo' Onions, Twist and Shout, Behave Yourself, Stranger On The Shore, Lonely Avenue, One Who Really Cares, You Can't Sit Down, A Woman, A Lover, A Friend, Comin' Home Baby

Track by Track Review

Green Onions dotdotdotdot
Memphis Soul (Instrumental)

Classic organ progression studio creation that stretched the patience without pane. It's not often you even notice there's so little that passes for a melody, not unlike the infinite listenings afforded Bo Diddley even though he usually only used one chord, and two notes on his guitar.

Rinky Dink dotdot
Memphis Soul (Instrumental)

Dave "Baby" Cortez's classic organ hop "Rinky Dink" is toned down considerably in this tepid arrangement.

I Got A Woman dotdotdot
Memphis Soul (Instrumental)

Groovy organ soul, just a pumpin' and a jumpin' with restrained energy. Quite fun, but not very memorable.

Mo' Onions dotdotdot
Memphis Soul (Instrumental)

As the title suggests, "Mo' Onions" was a followup single to "Green Onions." There are very similar sounds and ideas at work here. While quite groovy, it is just a sequel after all.

Twist and Shout dotdotdot
Memphis Soul (Instrumental)

The Isley Brothers' classic rave up "Twist and Shout" sports much less fire than the original or any of the myriad covers. Kinda restrained, yet jammin' cool.

Behave Yourself dotdotdot
Memphis Soul (Instrumental)

Another single for the boys, "Behave Yourself" moves oh so slowly through a churchy kinda blues, like the solemn scene before the wake begins.

Stranger On The Shore dotdot
Memphis Soul (Instrumental)

This is a slushy, almost lounge treatment of Mr. Acker Bilk's trad hit "Stranger On The Shore." Pleasant.

Lonely Avenue dotdotdot
Memphis Soul (Instrumental)

"Lonely Avenue" is a tasteful and moody slow groove, with a gentle sway and spiffy sound. Great for those after hours exchanges.

One Who Really Cares dotdotdotdot
Memphis Soul (Instrumental)

Here we have a totally cool cover, with a kind of rockin' mall sound. If you don't have your rock hat screwed on too tight, and your musical correctness meter is turned off, this will surely bring a grin. Totally cool!

You Can't Sit Down dotdot
Memphis Soul (Instrumental)

"You Can't Sit Down" really only works with the complete frat party abandon the Dartells gave it. Restrained and jammy.

A Woman, A Lover, A Friend dot
Memphis Soul (Instrumental)

Here we have a slow moving R&B romancer. Pretty, soulful, yet unremarkable.

Comin' Home Baby dotdotdot
Memphis Soul (Instrumental)

Herbie Mann's cool melody is suave and sultry in this setting, but then, there are few versions I don't like. Softly undulating and hauntingly cool!