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Bonney And Buzz - Bang It Againdotdotdotdot
artworkThere may be only one surf instro here, but Peter "Buzz" Miller and Bill Bonney surf can cut a tune. Both men have deep roots in British instros. This is a set of covers that they just wanted to do. Very good!
Picks: Amazing Grace, Goofin' Around, Cast Your Fate To The Wind, The Green Leaves Of Summer, Bad Penny Blues, Czardas, Last Date, El Bimbo, Can Can, Honky Tonk, Swinging Shepherd Blues, The Breeze And I, Blue Monk, The Stumble, Raunchy, F.B.I., Along Came Linda

Track by Track Review

Amazing Grace dotdotdotdot
Country Rock (Instrumental)

This is a countrified rendering of "Amazing Grace," with slide guitar, and the break is lifted from Bach's "Joy Of Man's Desiring," and it's a perfect fit.

Goofin' Around dotdotdotdot
Country Rock (Instrumental)

"Goofin' Around" is a very fun and classic fifties country/rockabilly boogie done with flair and genuine style. Aside from the exquisite recording, you'd swear it was cut in 1956. Bill Haley and the Comets would be proud.

Cast Your Fate To The Wind dotdotdotdotdot
Country Rock (Instrumental)

Vince Guaraldi's glorious "Cast Your Fate To The Wind" is done with charming reverence and sultry tremolo. This is simply a joy to hear. Easy, pretty, and very endearing.

The Green Leaves Of Summer dotdotdot
Easy Listening (Instrumental)

Dimitri Tiomkin's theme is done in a light hearted fashion that compliments its intent. Very nicely done.

Bad Penny Blues dotdotdot
Easy Listening (Instrumental)

Humphrey Lyttelton's "Bad Penny Blues" is a mono track with subtle stereo ambient reverb to spread it out. Innocent, fun, spirited, and exquisitely played.

Czardas dotdotdot
Easy Listening (Instrumental)

With a traditional Mediterranean rhythm and guitar sound, Vittorio Monti's "Czardas" eases you into an afternoon on holiday in Italy. Pretty and gentle. It speeds up towards the end for a bit of a lift.

Last Date dotdotdotdot
Easy Listening (Instrumental)

Floyd Cramer's lagging piano style made his "Last Date" a super hit. The slither into the note that Floyd used on his piano is liquidly replicated on guitar. Wah wah in the middle gives it an easy quirkiness. The guitar is simply liquid.

El Bimbo dotdotdot
Easy Listening (Instrumental)

Claude Morgan's "El Bimbo" is a gentle number with a film score feel. It's fluid and very easy on the ears.

Can Can dotdotdotdot
Rock (Instrumental)

This classic tune is done with great regard for The Jaywalkers did it 40 years ago. More or less mono, except spatial reverb, "Can Can" nonetheless really charms. It's innocent, rockin' in the early British instro way, and thoroughly enjoyable.

Honky Tonk dotdotdotdot
Blues (Instrumental)

"Honky Tonk" is one of those timeless songs that doesn't need to be spit polished to please. The precision and liquid slither of Peter Miller's playing makes this shine!

Swinging Shepherd Blues dotdotdot
Easy Listening (Instrumental)

Swimming is spatial reverb, Moe Kauffman's "Swinging Shepherd Blues" saunters through the air with a gentle liquid sound. Very nicely done.

The Breeze And I dotdotdotdot
Rock (Instrumental)

Ernesto Lacuona's classic "The Breeze and I" is done in a very fresh arrangement. A catchy rhythm track and long slushy guitar lines give it a lush and bouncing sound. This is infectious and compelling.

Blue Monk dotdotdot
Country (Instrumental)

Thelonious Monk's "Blue Monk"moves along as if it was written as a country tune. Slithery and warm, you'd never suspect its jazz roots. The sax break is saucy and fifties R&B cool.

The Stumble dotdotdotdot
Blues (Instrumental)

Part of British R&B band sets forever, and made famous by Dave Edmunds' Love Sculpture, Bonney and Buzz have taken Freddie King's "The Stumble" into an entirely different corner with their liquidy playing. Really nice.

Raunchy dotdotdotdot
Rock (Instrumental)

"Raunchy" is another of those classic instros that's very durable. Bill Justis' classic song sounds as if it was inspired by Duane Eddy via the guitar twang and sax. This is sultry cool vintage rock'n'roll.

F.B.I. dotdotdotdot
Rock (Instrumental)

Semi-goofy keys pump behind The Shadows' "F.B.I." for a different sound. tremolo shimmer adds an aquatic feel. Frothy and bouncy, with very tasteful and inventive arrangement nuances. This really grows on you.

Along Came Linda dotdotdotdotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

Duane Eddy's "Along Came Linda" is soft and lush, liquidy in a pretty darn surf manner, and romantic in a solo guitar way. The guitar is reverbed and echoed all across the spectrum for a full and wide sound. Just beautiful!