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The Bomboras - Swingin' Singlesdotdotdot
artworkThis is one of those bands that could have been great. Their roots in the finks were promising, but their movement into really bad recordings and considerable organ lead material led them away from my taste for sure. This CD is a compilation of singles, plus a few unreleased tracks. The fi is so low, there are almost no highs at all, and most tracks are muddier than the mighty Mississippi in full flood. I'm sure the lo-fi crowd will love this CD.
Picks: Forbidden Planet, Moon Probe, Time Bomb, Surfin' Bull, Last Call, Chunky, Outlaw, Twice Pipes, The Clutch, Rodan, Lil' Drummer Boy, Tube City, Slingshot, Skater Dater [Skaterdater]

Track by Track Review

Forbidden Planet dot
Lounge Surf Space (Instrumental)

An interesting spacie intro leads to a very lo-fi ambiently recorded organ number that bored me from the get-go. The intro is stereo, but the song is mono.

Moon Probe dotdotdot
Surf Garage (Instrumental)

Quite Venturistic, slow single guitar note melody, with the organ playing the same thing.

Time Bomb dotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

Near-mono warehouse sound, distant, with an organ lead, all adds up to a boring unmelodic frat song.

Surfin' Bull dotdot
Frat Surf (Instrumental)

Indian tom toms, whoops and hollers, and an organ line that hints of "Hiawatha." but doesn't deliver the coolness of that. The break is just noodling.

Last Call dotdotdot
Frat Surf (Instrumental)

This is very much based in the Chantays' "Move It," but also has some cool arrangement changes. If it weren't so muddy...

Chunky dotdotdot
Frat Surf (Instrumental)

The Crossfires' tune, a riff based number dedicated to the bulbous inclinations of their front men. This is a frat boy delivery, fit for a kegger.

Outlaw dotdotdot
Frat Surf (Instrumental)

Sorta Link Wray at the beach. Frat grind.

Twice Pipes dotdotdot
Frat Surf (Instrumental)

Echoed guitar riffola, backwoods switchblade progression rock. Not memorable or melodic at all.

The Clutch dotdotdot
Frat Surf (Instrumental)

A sampled introduction from a dragstrip album yields to a throbbing vibrato interpretation of the rhythm track to "I Wish You Would" (Billy Boy Arnold), but a whole lot less intense than that. Like many a late fifties Midwest B-side.

Rodan dotdot
Frat Surf (Instrumental)

Dedicated to Japanese monster movies in title, damaged by Dracula laughs and other weirdness throughout, this riff rocker just pumps along waiting for a melody. Just dumb.

Lil' Drummer Boy dotdotdotdot
Frat Surf (Instrumental)

This is a chunky cover of the holiday classic "Lil' Drummer Boy." This is one fiery delivery, in the mold of "Miserlou," and starkly above everything else here by a country mile. Strong playing and gutsy delivery. The "Surf Beat" break is an interesting twist.

Tube City dotdotdot
Frat Surf (Instrumental)

A garagie interpretation of the Trashmen's great instro, with little of the intensity required, or maybe it's just buried under the muddy sound. It's a cut above many of the others here. The use of quick echo instead of reverb on the guitar is interesting, if not particularly effective.

Slingshot dotdot
Frat Surf (Instrumental)

Big mall organ swill, like "Jolly Green Giant" (Kingsmen) without the class. Riff rockin' jam.

Skater Dater [Skaterdater] dotdotdot
Frat Surf (Instrumental)

Fuzzed up intro to Davie Allan's classic film theme. The main body is surf all the way. It's pretty good, full of fire and with a different edge than any of Davie's versions. Nice track.