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The Bombers - Pigs In Spacedotdotdot
artworkThe Bombers, not to be confused with the Finish band Bomber, are from Russia. They write and play an interesting blend of surf and European influenced instrumentals, most often with a decidedly punk rhythm section. These 2001 recordings were made live in Moscow Prospect studio, and remastered by Mike of the Vivisectors.
Picks: Bad Dreams, Fear Attack, Surfin' Over Baghdad, Indian '54, Spanish Stroll, Spin Out, Belij Parokhod (White Steamer), Spy Theme, Pigs In Space, Turbo-Boogie, Ivan Vasilich's Adventures, Bad Dreams (fire version), Turbo-Boogie (jet version)

Track by Track Review

Bad Dreams dotdotdot
Punkoidal Surf (Instrumental)

A kind of low brow progression thing that's right out of the fifties instro school is done with an occasional guitar accent and interesting bridges. "Bad Dreams" is minimal, but fun.

Fear Attack dotdotdot
Punkoidal Surf (Instrumental)

Grumbling danger and whammy chords accent this punkoidal mosh pit mover. Not at all melodic, perhaps more like a backtrack, but the break is capable of becoming a fine instro in its own right.

Surfin' Over Baghdad dotdotdot
Punkoidal Surf (Instrumental)

Dirty and slightly Middle Eastern, "Surfin' Over Baghdad" rides above punk drums and bass with a distant but engaging riff. Produced differently with the lead guitar much more prominent and full throated, this might easily be a commanding instro. That said, it plays well, perhaps not far from the envelope that the Astroglides carved out, just a lot less reverby.

Indian '54 dotdotdotdot
Punkoidal Surf (Instrumental)

This apparent paean to the motorcycle is nicely double picked with a rollicking beat and energy. An excellent song just needing a little more sparkle and oomph in the mix.

Spanish Stroll dotdotdot
Punkoidal Surf (Instrumental)

As you might expect, there are some Spanish influences here, but it's more of a riff rocker than a Spanish melody, though it does have a fine double picked break. Punky, yet fluid.

Spin Out dotdotdotdot
Punkoidal Surf (Instrumental)

Long leaning whammy notes flow out, creating an eerie ambiance that intersects the kind of melody that might arise from a meeting of Henry Mancini and Earl Hagen. The rhythmic backtracks adds a hypnotic attraction to the mix.

Belij Parokhod (White Steamer) dotdotdotdot
Punkoidal Surf (Instrumental)

Eastern European, moody, somewhat optimistic, and intriguing. "Belij Parokhod (White Steamer)" is a well written piece with a haunting melody and delicate balance between gloom and hope.

Spy Theme dotdotdot
Punkoidal Surf (Instrumental)

Derivative of the genre it's named after, "Spy Theme" is enjoyable and moody, but not remarkable.

Pigs In Space dotdotdot
Punkoidal Surf (Instrumental)

Punkin' and stumpin' glissando laden, and thumpy. "Pigs In Space" is a pessimistic song with a dark underbelly.

Turbo-Boogie dotdotdot
Punkoidal Surf (Instrumental)

Glissandoes, double picked guitar lines, and a kind of cautious optimism. It may be raining and blowing, but there's tight curl developing outside. Nice track.

Ivan Vasilich's Adventures dotdotdot
Punkoidal Surf (Instrumental)

Big fun and adventure in a spunky vacation mishap befalling the hapless Ivan. There's an odd tension between the very surfable melody and the punk rhythm section that keeps it from being great, though it is infectious and very fun.

Bad Dreams (fire version) dotdotdot
Punkoidal Surf (Instrumental)

This is a remix of "Bad Dreams" that's more listener friendly. It's less low brow and more surf. I like it.

Turbo-Boogie (jet version) dotdotdotdot
Punkoidal Surf (Instrumental)

This remix is wholly different in texture and affect. The glissandoes seem more subtle, as do the double picked guitar lines. More open road and playful. Quite nice!