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The Blue Devils - Betty's Mad Dashdotdotdot
artworkRockabilly mavens The Blue Devils can really twang when they want to, and the lead track here demonstrates that. Just two instros amid a handful of rawkus vocals.
Picks: Betty's Mad Dash, Stiletto

Track by Track Review

Betty's Mad Dash dotdotdotdot
Rockabilly (Instrumental)

Rising from engines screaming, a raucous rockabilly beat and raw sax drive this tom tom powered number. Structurally, "Betty's Mad Dash" reminds me of a rockabilly reinvention of Johnny and the Hurricanes' "Crossfire," without which this couldn't exist. Yet, it's different enough not to be a copy. Lots of spunk here!

Stiletto dotdot
Rockabilly (Instrumental)

Basic progression and honky sax. A fifties number than has no direction.