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The Blue Hawaiians - Savage Nightdotdotdot
artworkThe Blue Hawaiians move farther and farther away from surf and into the abyss of lounge. Their ultra suave approach is perfect for that, of course. There are only four instros, one of which is a magnificent interpretation of "Experiment In Terror," and another a mall organ thrashing. Included are a really suave treatment of "Shakin' All Over" that rivals "Fever" as the ultra lounge classic, "Trouble Boy," which is a brilliant Mexican lounge number, a concept who's time has come, and a KPOI extract with more luau lounge in narrow scope mini sound. It's a spiffy suave hula bar number 'bout forbidden love with a hula girl. Don't expect surf, just martini lush fun.
Picks: Savage Night, Experiment In Terror, Hot Rods To Honolulu, Swingin' Hula Man

Track by Track Review

Savage Night dotdotdot
Detective Cheese Whiz (Instrumental)

"Savage Night" is a sorta spaghetti melody over a cheesy detective bongo orchestral backtrack, with horns and all. The big round guitar is cool, but I wasn't able to really get into this. It's fun in a fifties B-movie way.

Experiment In Terror dotdotdotdot
Ventures Lounge (Instrumental)

Egads... slushy piano bar terror creeps across the brow... The arrangement is way too cool. The reverbed rim-shot percussion, the shimmer of the vibrato, the haunt of the lap steel, and that Ferranti and Teischer piano. Holy lounge, fatman, this is brilliant!

Hot Rods To Honolulu dotdotdot
Big Rock Candy Mountain (Instrumental)

This is a very strange amalgam of R&B, mariachi trumpet, bump and grind, rock guitar, and big production. Really cool and enjoyable, especially the ultra whammy madness!

Swingin' Hula Man dotdotdot
Mall Organ (Instrumental)

"Swingin' Hula Man" should have been listed as "Organ Donor." It's mall organ slush, and not very interesting in contrast to their more fluid tracks.