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artworkBlind Therapy is a San Jose project outfit. Half these tracks are surf oriented, and the other half metal. Much of the surf material is very nice.
Picks: Aural Empathy, Billy Breathes, Foresight, Sandune Sundial, Seafoam, Second Chance, Sidetracked, Undertow, What's Real?, Chained To The Ground, Chops, Delirious, Fortify, Infinite Fury, Manic Maniac, Revolt, Rockin' It

Track by Track Review

Aural Empathy dotdot
Surfadelic Jam (Instrumental)

This is a very slightly surfable rock jam with a stilted beat and almost undulating rhythm. The track is reminiscent of the Grateful Dead, especially the piano, which is very Keith Godchaux.

Billy Breathes dotdot
Pop (Instrumental)

Done with a minor nod to the Dead, Phish's "Billy Breathes" slowly moves with a gentle Fillmore air. Nice track for a gentle summer rain.

Foresight dotdotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

This is a pleasant track with a gentle flow and haunted island imagery. It's like a kinder gentler vegetarian Mermen, maybe as if the Sandals were in charge. "Foresight" is a pretty track with an engaging sound and very aquatic feel. Quite nice.

Sandune Sundial dotdotdotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

This is a lovely and sunny instrumental with an island feel and sort of cooled down Aqua Velvets sense. Its playful melody is alluring and uplifting, while the rhythm grins. A lovely composition and arrangement.

Seafoam dotdotdotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

"Seafoam" is a rhythmic and motion oriented track with a sunny side. Its guitars play off one another well. It soars at times, but is mostly a coastal drive kind of song with an endearing sound. Quite nice.

Second Chance dotdotdot
Psychedelic Jam (Instrumental)

Though more psychedelic than surf, "Second Chance" has a fluid and watery feel to it. The mid-to-slow pace gives it a sunny afternoon vision that works from the shore or an inland valley at sunset. Very nice.

Sidetracked dotdotdotdot
Surfadelic Jam (Instrumental)

A reggae beat runs beneath a widely smiling rhythm and lovely piano melody. There's a bit of a Grateful Dead sense, and an island vacation visual. "Sidetracked" is a thoroughly enjoyable track. It sneaks right in and you find yourself walking with it in your head.

Undertow dotdotdotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

Perhaps the most surf track here, "Undertow" is similar in some ways to a few of the eighties SoCal instro bands. It's a cover of the Lively Ones's song. It's significantly more soulful and accessible.

What's Real? dotdotdot
Surf Jam (Instrumental)

Moving gently across an island sunset, "What's Real?" features Polynesian slide and a surf melody line. Relaxed and inviting, with a fluid melody line. Very nice track.

Chained To The Ground dotdotdot
Blues Rock (Instrumental)

"Chained To The Ground" is a very heavy blues rock number with dark tone and compressed guitar. The writhing rhythm chords are very cool.

Chops dotdot
Rock Jam (Instrumental)

A little self-indulgent, "Chops" is a pretty jammy piece with rich textures and raw edge. It cycles through a progression, advancing as the verses go by. The lead lines are very Gary Hoey-ish.

Delirious dotdot
Metal Rock Jam (Instrumental)

Like you might guess from the title, "Delirious" is a metal jam with searing guitar that's all about darkness, and unmelodic. This is a heavy track with a head-bangin' mentality.

Fortify dotdotdot
Metal Rock Jam (Instrumental)

More melodic than most metal-based tracks, "Fortify" has a grand chunky metal rhythm and fluid melody line. While relatively unchanging, it's powerful and engaging.

Infinite Fury dotdotdot
Metal Rock Jam (Instrumental)

Heavy and writhing, "Infinite Fury" is a pumping rocker showing little mercy. It's more about the style than substance, with not much of a melody. Layered and richly textured.

Manic Maniac dotdot
Metal Rock Jam (Instrumental)

"Manic Maniac" is another dark metal mayhem with a leather vision of studs and chains. Not very interesting.

Revolt dotdot
Metal Rock Jam (Instrumental)

Loud and rhythmic, with strong drums and lead noodling. It meanders, never really gelling.

Rockin' It dotdot
Metal Rock Jam (Instrumental)

Large metal chords and dark tone run amok as "Rockin' It" progresses. it reminds me a lot of Johnny Kool & The Rattlesnakes if they were more metal.