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The Blasters - Sounds Of The Dragsdotdot
artworkThis is a mostly cheesy exploitation LP. There are a couple of bright moments, but mostly it's not one of Jerry Cole's better efforts.
Picks: Steering Wheel Stuck

Track by Track Review

Long Gone dot
Rock Instrumental (Instrumental)

Tires squeal, and the band plays a minor jam with a quirky riff. Once the engines back off, it truly becomes just a jam with a classic Hollywood session backtrack.

Steering Wheel Stuck dotdotdot
Rock Instrumental (Instrumental)

Very dirty fuzz guitar, cars burning out, and a very typical session backtrack. "Steering Wheel Stuck" is more like a psychsploitation track with hot rod sound effects than a hot rod instro. A real period oddity. I have to wonder if this was like a prototype for the Animated Egg sessions.

Bad Rubber dotdotdot
Surf Hot Rod (Instrumental)

The circulating riff is kinda interesting in an early fifties guitar exercise kinda way. While "Bad Rubber" is well played, it's a little too cutesy for my taste. The burning rubber doesn't help it t all.

Oil Burner dotdotdot
Rock (Instrumental)

Echoed riff rock from a shadowy past. The same riff is repetitiously repeated, with only minor variations. Squealing tires and smoke do not save the track.

Chopped And Channeled dotdotdot
Rock Instrumental (Instrumental)

"Chopped And Channeled" is a little faster, with distant deep chamber reverb lead guitar that's often obscured by sound effects, which is OK, because it doesn't rise above a jam.