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The Blacklight Chameleons - Tripwavedotdotdot
artworkThis 1986 initial release from the Blacklight Chameleons on Voxx featured Bill Ebauer - keyboards and Dino Sarbello - guitar/vocal who carried on for several years with the band, plus Andrea Mathews - drums and Noreen Lewis - bass, who left soon after this was recorded. Their liquid psychedelic swirl was quite unique among the eighties psychedelic revival bands, based on pop psych, but heavier and more inverted than most others in the field. Quite tasty. This LP includes the incredible vocal "Trip Wave," as well as "XMVT," an instro of mind numbing proportions. No surf, but instro fans with psychedelic tastes will dig this anyway.
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XMVT dotdotdotdot
Psychedelic Swirl (Instrumental)

Electronic disturbing swirlomatic brain wave riders' sounds for the ingrown mind of the lost generation. Very cool indeed.