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The Black Widows - Arocknaphobiadotdot
artworkThe Black Widows present relatively punky rock instrumentals, many of which do not rise above the level of progressions. A few seem well thought out and developed more fully. Mostly, the band is loud. The mastering is clipped to boost instead of compressed, leaving even the prettier tracks difficult to listen to. Mostly loud.
Picks: Road Hawg, My Least Favorite Martian, Fellini Raygun, Rasputin's Holiday, Agent Double-O-Swing, Cosmic Ape, Parazone, Que Mala, Vlad The Impaler, Zero's Hour, Bop-A-Roo, Space Ghost, El Toro, Black Sea, Bitter End, War Dance, Creepsville, Burnout

Track by Track Review

Road Hawg dotdot
Rock - Punk (Instrumental)

Raspy motorcycle rumblings and dirty guitar progressions. While "Road Hawg" is dark and dangerous, it's not very melodic or interesting beyond one listening.

My Least Favorite Martian dotdotdot
Rock - Punk (Instrumental)

"My Least Favorite Martian" is not a cover of "Our Favorite Martian." It's a dark and aggressive riff based instro with a nasty edge. Loud thunder.

Fellini Raygun dotdotdot
Rock - Punk (Instrumental)

More riff-rockin' aggro guitar instrumentalization, more progression than song. Some pomp and more variations than others here, but still not particularly interesting. Punkoidal and dirty.

Rasputin's Holiday dotdotdot
Spy (Instrumental)

"Rasputin's Holiday" is a nicely well developed spy instrumental with cool chords and an appropriately haunting melody. It's much more sophisticated than most of the Black Widows material.

Agent Double-O-Swing dotdotdot
Rock - Punk (Instrumental)

"Agent Double-O-Swing" is not very spy oriented, but it does have a tasteful melody line and whistling organ support. The vibrato verse is particularly interesting. Aggressive and a bit mysterious.

Cosmic Ape dotdot
Rock - Punk (Instrumental)

Chord progression based, organ centered, dirty and without melody.

Parazone dotdotdot
Rock - Punk (Instrumental)

A bit of pomp and drama runs through the tortured introduction, but then a punkoidal pace and flail takes over. The riff is almost a melody, and the energy is very high.

Que Mala dotdotdot
Rock - Punk (Instrumental)

Slightly punk-distorted exotic percussion runs under a gently flowing melody line. "Que Mala" is a pleasant melody and structure, and sports tension created between the song and the arrangement.

Vlad The Impaler dotdotdot
Rock - Punk (Instrumental)

"Vlad The Impaler" is not a happy camper, not does he write melodic songs. Mostly crunchy and dark and punked out with distorted cymbals. Big, but unremarkable.

Zero's Hour dotdotdot
Rock - Punk (Instrumental)

This is an odd song, with a jazzy backtrack and vibrato lead guitar playing a slightly funny line. The melody line is nice, but the song seems to have changes just because it should, not because they work really well. Big and pompous. Still, after listening, it did leave an impression, like heavy prog gone garage punk.

Bop-A-Roo dotdotdot
Rock - Punk (Instrumental)

A fine bass line opens, which turns out to be an exact parallel for the guitar's melody. Playing i sync, they seem not to have different purposes. "Bop-A-Roo" is OK, but mostly underdeveloped.

Space Ghost dotdotdot
Spaghetti (Instrumental)

"Space Ghost" is a nicely written intro with a cool adventurous melody line and playful rhythm guitar. The shimmer of the vibrato verse is a nice touch. There's a lot of tension, and a sense of spaghetti western about this. There's rumble on the track that's not musical.

El Toro dotdotdot
Rock - Punk (Instrumental)

Slow noodly wah-wah guitar, long flowing bass notes, and a developing sense of something coming. The galloping rhythm track arrives to provide a carriage for the audio adventure. The shortcoming is that is doesn't rise above alternating those two elements. It seems underdeveloped and intentionally pompous.

Black Sea dotdot
Rock - Punk (Instrumental)

The dark bass opens to the wah-wah waterfront danger guitar, which gives way to chorded danger. Not a song really, just an alternated series of predictable progressions and pomp.

Bitter End dotdotdot
Rock - Punk (Instrumental)

"Bitter End" is a pretty happy song, with a prancing beat and rhythm, and uplifted aural tone. Not exactly melodic, but pretty enjoyable.

War Dance dotdotdotdot
Indian Punk (Instrumental)

The almost military drums provide the cadence, the bass a thumping pulsing sense, and the chords dry chopped rhythm. The lead line is not at all melodic. having said that, this is a very cool track in the way some songs from the Mutants are. very rhythm dominated, and quite commanding. It ends very strangely and suddenly.

Creepsville dotdotdot
Rock - Punk (Instrumental)

"Creepsville" is a semi-soft instro with an interesting lead line over a slightly pompous rhythm track. I suppose you could think of it as intellectual punk, or perhaps intentionally moody drama.

Burnout dotdotdot
Rock - Punk (Instrumental)

With an eighties intensity and feel, "Burnout" is more about constant loud than song, though there are some nice moments when the guitar goes into long sustain.