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The Black Albinos - Play 'The Warrior'dotdotdot
artworkThe Black Albinos are an excellent Indorock band with long credentials going back to 1960. These tracks date from 19678 and 1987. The version of "Pipeline" here is different and very cool.
Picks: Cruel Train, Screen Wiper, Dayan's Eyepatch, Way Down Yonder In New Orleans, Room Rocker, The Warrior, Okefenokee, Mango, Road Runner, Schwarze Augen, Memphis, Night-Shift, Needles and Pins, Gandy Dancer, I'll Never Stop Loving You, Spanish Gypsy Dance, Foot Tapper, Lovesick Blues, Silly Silly, Pipeline

Track by Track Review

Cruel Train dotdotdot
Indo Rock (Instrumental)

This is a little like a bluesified "What's I Say" in structure. More riff dominated than melodic, but chunky and cool.

Screen Wiper dotdotdot
Indo Rock (Instrumental)

This track sports a chunky bumpy rhythm and a circular riff, like a sped up inversion of Paul Johnson's "Windshield Wiper," but only in concept. Ringing chords and some other elements of surf, but mostly rock.

Dayan's Eyepatch dotdotdot
Indo Rock (Instrumental)

Hank Marvin whammy and a soft and slow moody delivery create a sad sense of fate. Pretty, with tasteful electric piano.

Way Down Yonder In New Orleans dotdotdot
Indo Rock (Instrumental)

This song is most familiar from the hit factory of Freddie 'Boom Boom' Cannon. This is less fiery and intense, and much smoother. Still gutty, it's a nice cover.

Room Rocker dotdotdot
Indo Rock (Instrumental)

With a kind of rockified "Washington Square" feel, "Room Rocker" is fun and rhythmic, and quite fun.

The Warrior dotdotdot
Indo Rock (Instrumental)

Almost Indian, delicate without being soft, and nicely duetted with excellent guitar work. Adventurous and playful, but not light hearted. Nice track.

Okefenokee dotdot
Indo Rock (Instrumental)

Bob Crewe's "Okefenokee" presents an opportunity to chunk up a countrified ditty.

Mango dotdotdot
Indo Rock (Instrumental)

This is a pleasant song with a debt to "Nature Boy," but not really derivative of it. Fluid and pleasant, with energy and joy.

Road Runner dotdotdot
Indo Rock (Instrumental)

"Road Runner" does not invoke the open road or the cartoon menace, but is playful and groovy. This is not the Bo Diddley tune.

Schwarze Augen dotdotdotdot
Indo Rock (Instrumental)

Soft vibrato guitar lays out a stroll like the opening of the Viscounts' version of Earl Hagen's classic "Harlem Nocturne," and the melody line is sometimes double picked and always vibrato shimmered. The second half is fast, while the rest is slow and sultry. The melody to this traditional tune is a lot like "Siboney." Very cool track!

Memphis dotdotdot
Indo Rock (Instrumental)

Chuck Berry's "Memphis" is presented much in the mold of Lonnie Mack's hit version. Fun track.

Night-Shift dotdotdot
Indo Rock (Instrumental)

This earlier version of "Night-Shift" shows off the debt to "Lucille."

Needles and Pins dotdotdot
Indo Rock (Instrumental)

Jackie DeShannon's emotional "Needles and Pins" is a nice choice for the indorock style. Gutsy and fluid, and quite nice.

Gandy Dancer dotdotdot
Indo Rock (Instrumental)

Don Wilson's "Gandy Dancer" is tastefully done with rhythmic backing and a clear nod to the Ventures.

I'll Never Stop Loving You dotdotdot
Indo Rock (Instrumental)

This is a Ventures feeling instro that's romantic and moody. The main riff is very smooth and the track light hearted.

Spanish Gypsy Dance dotdotdotdot
Indo Rock (Instrumental)

Marquinna's "Espana Cani" is very cool, and this arrangement is quite satisfying. In some ways, it reminds me of King Of Hawaii. Tango and gypsy blood.

Foot Tapper dotdotdot
Indo Rock (Instrumental)

The Shadows' infectious "Foot Tapper" is really nicely done. It doesn't cop the Hank Marvin sound, and is still quite bouncy and fluid.

Lovesick Blues dotdot
Indo Rock (Instrumental)

This is a quirky blues with intentional feel. "Lovesick Blues" didn't quite get my attention.

Silly Silly dotdotdot
Indo Rock (Instrumental)

Another quirky number, "Silly Silly" is not quite silly, but is certainly for fans of the odd. Fun and happy.

Pipeline dotdotdotdot
Indo Surf (Instrumental)

This cover of the Chantays surf archetype "Pipeline" was recorded live at Houtrust Rotonde, The Hague in '96. Powerful and straight forward, and devoid of reverb, yet sparkled with harmonic chords and aquatic feel. Really nice take.