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The Binge - Il Cattivodotdotdot
artworkThe Binge are a Canadian band with no shortage of intensely grinding distorto guitar riffs. Their music assaults like an escaped buzz saw, only bigger. Sometimes sludgy, sometimes melodic, it's darker than chocolate, nastier than the mere sustain, and sporting ill will towards mankind. Occasionally playful, even acoustic, the Binge are like a dangerous variation on the Living Daylights' "Kat Box Beach." Uncomfortably infectious and bombastic.
Picks: Kill Devil Hills, Milk and Sweet, Tailpipe, Little House on the Hiway, Pure Wicked, The Night The World Exploded, America, 5 O'clock Man, It Is Bark, There Is Sadness in his Smile, Herman Menderchuk, 6 Killed and Many Injured, El Bombastico, Unconscious Aquaduct

Track by Track Review

Kill Devil Hills dotdotdot
Hyper Grind Assault Rock (Instrumental)

Intensely grindy distorto guitar riff assault music... "Kill Devil Hills" is like an escaped Huevos Rancheros tune with more chop and less buzz saw. Not melodic, but very big.

Milk and Sweet dotdotdot
Crunch Rock (Instrumental)

Slightly faster than sludge, darker than Dutch chocolate, nastier than the Kinks, and dangerous. "Milk and Sweet" is nothing of the sort...

Tailpipe dotdotdot
Sub Surf Assault Rock (Instrumental)

Sustained grind drives a melodic instro with lots of power and ill will towards mankind. The grind is the nasty part of "Tailpipe," while the melody is almost playful, like a dangerous variation on the Living Daylights' "Kat Box Beach." very cool track.

Little House on the Hiway dotdotdot
Disturbing (Instrumental)

The "Little House on the Hiway" is full of cleverly damp-chopped chords supporting a splendid big whammy melody riff. A little bit detectivist, slightly espionagic, and then... The big grind comes on through a varying frequency envelope... it reminds me of listening to Dick Biondi on WLS 890 AM in Chicago as the signal shifted on the ionosphere back in '61. Interesting.

Pure Wicked dotdotdotdot
Huge Rock (Instrumental)

Boy, is this aptly titled. Huge, ultra distorted, mercilessly menacing, and, did I mention HUGE? Dissonant, electro-stressed, chicken bopped, and "Pure Wicked." Yikes!

The Night The World Exploded dotdotdot
Danger Rock (Instrumental)

staccato danger, a sustained menace to the silence, and largely nasty. "The Night The World Exploded" doesn't explode... it relentlessly inverts earthly safety.

America dotdotdot
Border Rock (Instrumental)

Big grindy and unfit for a dinner party, "America" lets you know in no uncertain terms that the dollar is not welcome here. No, it's not the song from "East Side Story."

5 O'clock Man dotdotdot
Frustration Rock (Instrumental)

Sitting in traffic Bucko? Restraining your rage against the VW buss ahead of you? Late for your flight? This is what it feels like, lest you chill out, Bubba.

It Is Bark dotdotdot
Acoustic Rock (Instrumental)

"It Is Bark" is fluid and rhythmic, and acoustic. The melody is quite fun, as is the old timey feel.

There Is Sadness in his Smile dotdotdot
Big Guitar (Instrumental)

A fine riff with extra distortion and a bounce sorta punk in a green field feel may be as close as I can get to describing "There Is Sadness in his Smile." Quite pretty in a gruff and disturbing way.

Herman Menderchuk dotdotdot
Anger Management (Instrumental)

I don't know who "Herman Menderchuk" is, but he musta been an anger management counselor, because "Herman Menderchuk" seethes with a giser of emotion beneath a falsely placid exterior. Repetitious, but then so is the portrayed persona.

6 Killed and Many Injured dotdotdotdot
Disturbed Cowboy (Instrumental)

A bit cowboy, slightly twangy, overtly disturbed, rhythmic, and unable to look away from the scene. Grindy and uncomfortable infectious.

El Bombastico dotdotdot
Guarded Optimism (Instrumental)

What a great title! "El Bombastico" is intense, and sports a fine but subdued melody line. The gloom is mixed with guarded optimism.

Unconscious Aquaduct dotdotdot
Malcolm Rock (Instrumental)

"Unconscious Aquaduct" reminds me a little of Malcolm in the Middle, not in pace, but in intensity and with its catchy riff. Drivin' hard for the playful side of the asylum.