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Billy Joe Winghead - Blood Surferdotdotdotdot
artworkThis cassette only issue is way off their beaten path, yet just what you'd expect from the weirdest band in Texas. there's no track listing, so I made up names based on what I heard. The music here is disturbing surf based psychedelic sludge, intense and nerve wracking.
Picks: Marijuana is the Flame, Buzz Off, Blood Surfer, The Lonely Bull, Surf Sludge, Murder, Final Flight, Big Stick

Track by Track Review

Marijuana is the Flame dotdotdot
Grungy Sub-Surf (Instrumental)

This grinding number uses a relentless progression with jammin' guitar over the top and Jack Webb's rant against marijuana repeated in various treatments throughout. A grodie and semi psychedelic journey past surf into the dangers of the weed. Very strange and thick.

Buzz Off dotdotdot
Grungy Sub-Surf (Instrumental)

Surf rage and thunder, narrated samples from Buzz Aldrin's last ride, and an infectious rhythmic delivery. Very interesting.

Blood Surfer dotdotdotdot
Grungy Sub-Surf (Instrumental)

This has to be the title track... grodie surf with an insane moaning throughout, like a zombie on a diet in line at McDonalds. The surf tune is basic and lumbering, yet endearing with it's vibrato lead guitar. Upsetting and bizarre.

The Lonely Bull dotdotdotdot
Grungy Sub-Surf (Instrumental)

Sol Lake's "The Lonely Bull" finds new live in a reverby mid tempo sludge with cheers and bull fight danger. The cheesy percussion and bass give it an even more surreal air. Very cool!

Surf Sludge dotdotdotdot
Grungy Sub-Surf (Instrumental)

Thick and relentless, BJW makes surf industrial... it's an odd combo of drudge and machine beats and surf, a liquid inversion through a pharmacological haze. Interesting and bizarre. "Surf Sludge" plunders in a lumbering relentless progression as a narrated line meanders through the track. Big mung surf.

Murder dotdotdot
Grungy Sub-Surf (Instrumental)

I dunno 'bout this one... relentless and thick, but not very interesting.

Final Flight dotdotdotdot
Grungy Sub-Surf (Instrumental)

As the narration relates the flight from life to afterlife, the intro runs in a thick and psychotic slurry of fuzzy surfy swirling scenery. In some ways, it's like Davie Allan's more psychedelic work, but reverby instead of fuzzy. Very strange, for sure, like the Index gone over the top.

Big Stick dotdotdotdot
Grungy Sub-Surf (Instrumental)

I dubbed this "Big Stick" because it reminds me of LA's Big Stick and the insane arranging of "Drag Strip," and it has a drugged out longboarder feel as well. Psychedelic, thick, menacing, disturbing, and very intriguing.