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The Bikini Beach Band - Secret Agent Mandotdotdot
artworkOne new track and two from the Leave Home album. The best by far is the tongue in cheek reinvention of "Anarchy In The UK."
Picks: A Design For Life, Anarchy In The UK

Track by Track Review

Secret Agent Man dotdotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

Dark raspy sax makes the intro and bridges interesting, but otherwise "Secret Agent Man" is pretty pedestrian. There's really nothing special going on here.

A Design For Life dotdotdot
Retirement Rock (Instrumental)

Inspired by a mustached interlude and a carafe of house red, this floats along looking for a sane way out. There isn't one.

Anarchy In The UK dotdotdotdot
Dinner Music (Instrumental)

Fluid, tropical, and completely inverted. Not like Alberto Y Lost Trios Paranoia, but like a gaggle of guys in white dinner jackets playing to a Democratic fundraiser in DC where only the insincere are invited. Seriously puffed, completely breezy. Just think, this is what punk has come to. Maybe this sums it all up, but I love this.