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Big Lazy - S/Tdotdotdotdot
artworkThis is a gorgeous CD. It is sophisticated, angular and moody, and displays great talent in both writing and performance. The tracks range from slow detective foggy nights to energetic dissonant romps. Highly adventurous and entertaining. Formerly known as Lazy Boy, they have succumbed to the chair people in their struggle to retain their identity, though it's highly unlikely that raccoons would confuse their music for a lounge chair.
Picks: Skinless Boneless, Elephant Walk, Just Plain Scared, Eenie Meenie, Amnesia, Roam / Sight Unseen, Crooked, Princess Nicotine, Hero Turned Suspect, Influenza, Ash Wednesday

Track by Track Review

Skinless Boneless dotdotdotdot
Detective Surf (Instrumental)

Dramatic detective slumming is ushered forth from the tones and drive of this ultra suave piece. It's edgie, with a real Link Wray feel and lots of vibrato throb. Jazzy and angular, crunchy and fun, with a distinctly black and white feel.

Elephant Walk dotdotdotdot
Atmospheric Surf (Instrumental)

With a low key nod to the genre pioneered by the Mermen, Big Lazy drift through a sophisticated melody with the upright bass bowed for a more sophisticated sound. It's a great track with a moody feel and a magnetic ambiance. Both jazzy and surfy, with a lush and quiet evening sense. Really good!

Just Plain Scared dotdotdotdot
Atmospheric Surf (Instrumental)

Bowed bass and a classical sense, a suave vibrato lead, and a choppy structure combine to create an island cabana for the wealthy image. Very sultry and smooth, tribal and dangerous. The angular parts let you see that even the tux crowd can get it on.

Eenie Meenie dotdotdotdot
Adventurous Surf (Instrumental)

Fluid delicate guitar work delivers the sophisticated writing through tone and attack. varying tones give each verse it's own character. Sometimes smooth and sophisticated, sometimes angular and vibrato throbbing. Very pleasing indeed.

Amnesia dotdotdotdot
Black and White Surf (Instrumental)

Sophisticated slow and shimmering surf and martini sounds ooze from the speakers, setting the stage for a sad scene in an old black and white. Really simple, but very effective. Subtle and powerful. The big vibrato midsection reminds me a little of the Viscounts.

Roam / Sight Unseen dotdotdotdot
Film Score (Instrumental)

Dramatic chunky chorused movie theme stuff, with crunch and punch. This is a rockin' cool track, with lots of precise edge, and a magnetic quality. Oh, the power of the trio when talent instead of speed and volume are employed.

Crooked dotdotdotdot
Funky Surf (Instrumental)

Like a Reventlos track, this moves to a funky rhythm and suave quirk with a wah-wah all the way down guitar tone and jazzy drums. Tribal in an undulating slightly inebriated way. Very chic!

Princess Nicotine dotdotdot
Playful Surf (Instrumental)

A barnyard epic of tobacco lust. It's sorta jazz, sorta chicken bop, sorta suave. Its schizoid nature is reminiscent of the way the Reventlos combine elements. Infectious and adventurous.

Hero Turned Suspect dotdotdotdot
Atmospheric Surf (Instrumental)

Moody slow atmospheric dissonance for the detectives among you. Images of long periods leaning against street lamps while waiting in the fog for someone to emerge from a doorway. They never come, of course, and so the bowed bass brings forth the disappointment. Very cool!

Influenza dotdotdotdot
Jazzy Surf (Instrumental)

Did you get your flu shot? No? Well, here it is. This will surely defend you against any mere virus. Angular, cool jazzy, and edgie in a vibrato way, with tribal percussion and a fluid feel. Most unusual.

Ash Wednesday dotdotdotdot
Film Noire Surf (Instrumental)

A slow bebop feel with drama and art, and a sophistication in both playing and writing. If lounge were a serious genre, it might want to grow up to be like this. Detectives in the fog, danger across the water, and a film noir sense.