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The Biarritz Boys - Enjoy The Hip Slick Ultra Violent And Super Sexy Surf Sound Of The Biarritz Boysdotdotdotdot
artworkFinally, a full album from The Biarritz Boys. A ton of great tracks here, with plenty of artistry, serious spaghetti surf, and light hearted reverb. This is a great album!
Picks: Whatever Happened To The Longboards?, Four Wipeouts And A Funeral, Quicksilver Party, Skinny Jeans, Agent Graves, Sex Wax, Franky G., Gaza Surf, Novio Magnum, L'ete Infini, El Paso, Young Gun, Loose Canon, San Sebastian

Track by Track Review

Whatever Happened To The Longboards? dotdotdot
Spaghetti Surf (Instrumental)

Tremolo shimmer and sparkling double picked twango with busy drums. The song is more about the splash than a melody, though "Whatever Happened To The Longboards?" flows well and stands up to repeated listenings. Adventurous and splashy.

Four Wipeouts And A Funeral dotdotdotdot
Spaghetti Surf (Instrumental)

Aggressive and flashy, with an emphasis on sparkle. The melody is imaginative, and dribble off the lead guitar. There's no shortage of energy from all of the players here.

Quicksilver Party dotdotdot
Spaghetti Surf (Instrumental)

Optimistically dark with great bridges, which ought to be a song in their own right. The muted break is cool, with whistling, almost spacy keys. While not immediately grabbing you right out of the gate, "Quicksilver Party" grows on you as it evolves.

Skinny Jeans dotdotdotdot
Spaghetti Surf (Instrumental)

A bit spooky, featuring lovely muted guitar and tremolo lead. The melody is sweeping and lovely. Immediately warm and engaging, "Skinny Jeans" carries you all the way through on its lovely tone and arrangement. The writing is very strong.

Agent Graves dotdotdotdot
Spaghetti Surf (Instrumental)

Haunted skating rink organ sets the stage for lightly muted plucks, but then the song arrives, and it's a double picked Middle Eastern gem. Being a sucker for the Mediterranean-Arabian surf notion anyway, I'm always grateful to come across another well crafted surf instro in this sub-genre. Splendid!

Sex Wax dotdotdotdot
Spaghetti Surf (Instrumental)

Spanish guitars and gently sad drama provide a spaghetti image of a Mexican village. This is the new intro to a song The Biarritz Boys issued as a demo back in 2006. Dramatic, double picked with splash and fire, and a bit dark.

Franky G. dotdotdotdot
Spaghetti Surf (Instrumental)

Rich and poundy, "Franky G." sports a solid melody line and great rumbling tom toms. Sustain and powerful chords, with a slightly dark edge. This one will grow on you.

Gaza Surf dotdotdotdot
Spaghetti Surf (Instrumental)

An echoed reverb kick starts this one off. "Gaza Surf" launches into a solid Middle Eastern melody line, double picked guitar work, and big tom tom thunder. Mysterious and dangerous, and very cool!

Novio Magnum dotdotdotdot
Spaghetti Surf (Instrumental)

The opening is slow and ghostly, with dribbled double picked Mediterranean lines, then the main body of the song is heavier, with double picked lead lines and dark mystery. "Novio Magnum" is a solid track.

L'ete Infini dotdotdotdot
Spaghetti Surf (Instrumental)

Lovely chords, shallow whammy, and spooky island ambiance. gently played, with dribbled lead lines and subtle keys that add a bit more danger. "L'ete Infini" is very nicely arranged and written. Great drums and very effective, smooth bass.

El Paso dotdotdotdotdot
Spaghetti Surf (Instrumental)

Cowboy tom toms galloping across the desert where the cactus are your only company. Adventure and exuberance are in tow. "El Paso" is a fine track with an enticing sound. Very cool!

Young Gun, Loose Canon dotdotdotdotdot
Spaghetti Surf (Instrumental)

Moody and ominous, with charm and rich tone. Spaghetti landscapes drip from every corner, with lovely shallow whammy and drama. "Young Gun, Loose Canon" reminds me structurally of middle of The Treble Spankers' "Araban" through it's psychedelic surf drama and mood. Superb!

San Sebastian dotdotdotdot
Spaghetti Surf (Instrumental)

Fast paced, with muted reverb. There are lots of things going on here that make this engaging and very likable. "San Sebastian" is a fine track with strong writing and arranging.