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Harry Betts - The Fantastic Plastic Machine [Soundtrack]dotdot
artworkThe vast majority of this soundtrack can be characterized as seventies TV soundtrack music, like a cross between Love American Style and The Rockford Files, but without the pizzazz of either. Only the main theme merits consideration, and it's a stretch.
Picks: Theme From 'The Fantastic Plastic Machine', Endless Bummer, Night Flight, Green-O, Day Groovin', Straight Ahead, Rock Slide, McTavish, Nat's Theme, Outta Sight, Green Grotto, Long Reef

Track by Track Review

Theme From 'The Fantastic Plastic Machine' dotdotdot
Film Surf (Instrumental)

Bongos race throughout this track, as the guitar double picks a fluid melody and the rhythm plays light weight chords. "Theme From 'The Fantastic Plastic Machine'" does have a catchy melody and energy about it, and even the violins add to it, though the console organ changes the feel to lounge fluff. Great drums and lots of film score fun.

Endless Bummer dot
Film MOR (Instrumental)

Soft chords and mushy xylophonic keys slush their way through a very orchestral MOR scene setter. Quite dismissible.

Night Flight dotdotdot
Film Surf (Instrumental)

Dry double picked guitar plays a tight little melody line, then supports harmonica before the console organ takes over. Infectious fun, but pretty far afield. racing drums and horns fill out the track.

Green-O dotdotdot
Film Soul (Instrumental)

In an attempt at soul, this funky thumpy instro moves in almost credible fashion towards a soul groove, but never quite gets outside the sequence box. Still, it's as good as any studio jam, maybe better than many.

Day Groovin' dotdot
Film Soul (Instrumental)

"Day Groovin'" is an awful lot like "Green Onions," but without the classic Memphis soul sound. The beat is more chumpy, but the arrangement and structure are nearly knockoffs.

Straight Ahead dot
Film MOR (Instrumental)

"What the World Needs Now" is Love American Style less the chorus. Definitely film score stuff.

Rock Slide
Film Orchestral Rock (Instrumental)

People who don't get rock 'n' roll should be barred from playing it. Orchestral nonsense with a rock beat. Egads!

McTavish dot
Film Rock (Instrumental)

Seventies rock strained through a bad TV series, without benefit of a Mike Post or Pete Carpenter. Can you say cheese?

Nat's Theme
Film MOR (Instrumental)

Soft flutes and squishy keys, and an old fart's back beat. Truly backdrop material.

Outta Sight dotdotdot
Film Rock (Instrumental)

"Outta Sight" is pretty darn bouncy, and it's even melodic. It's just arranged so wimpily as to barely read on the edge scale. Thumpy fifties commercial music.

Green Grotto dotdotdot
Film Rock (Instrumental)

"Green Grotto" is pretty darn pompous. I'd guess it's supposed to convey fear and danger, but mostly it conveys guys in shirts and ties trying to create the feel of the surf. They don't even get close to the coast. The drums are excellent, and the basic writing is surfable, but the arrangement doesn't cut the grass.

Long Reef dot
Film Blues Surf (Instrumental)

Thumpy drums and TV theme guitar tone in a blues for late night kinda structure. Way too noodly and one note jammy. More blues than surf, more noodle than melody.