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The Beloved Invaders - Tamarindodotdotdotdot
artworkThis is one of those CD's that's a bit of a hybrid, with some very sophisticated writing and liquid playing; a CD that straddles the line between surf and not in may ways. There's elements of the Blues Project, rock jams, scene music, jazz, and surf. Adventurous and very enjoyable. It took a while to engage me, but once it did, I was hooked. Viva Surfology!
Picks: Santa Cruz Stomp, Driftwood, Respeto A La Tierra, Climbing East Wall, For Camilla, Scooter Girl, Surfology, Rockman Enough, A Day At Mary Jane, Sealed With A Kiss, Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen, Tamarindo, Blue Wave

Track by Track Review

Santa Cruz Stomp dotdotdot
Reverb Rock (Instrumental)

"Santa Cruz Stomp" is more or less a blues number with reverb and a coastal flair. The drums are surf and the break is too. It's a very bright and enjoyable track.

Driftwood dotdotdot
Reverb Rock (Instrumental)

This reminds me of the Ventures with reverb interpreting Trini Lopez' "What Have I Got Of My Own." It's not that it's derivative of it, there's just something about that suggests such a thing. Quite a tasteful track.

Respeto A La Tierra dotdotdotdot
Reverb Rock (Instrumental)

Great drums and a define sense of a coastal drive near sunrise. "Respeto A La Tierra" is a very nice track with an infectious rhythm and very friendly melody. It brought me back several times.

Climbing East Wall dotdotdot
Reverb Rock (Instrumental)

"Climbing East Wall" is a circulating song with a bit of spy mystery and a quirky edge. A bit mathematical, maybe pretentious, yet it seems quite natural. maybe it's the sophistication. Great drums and big rock guitar in the break that pans in circles that threaten your sanity.

For Camilla dotdotdot
Reverb Rock (Instrumental)

This softly romantic and very playful track has an easy listening invitation abut it, and a sense of a simpler time gone by. Just fun.

Scooter Girl dotdotdot
Reverb Rock (Instrumental)

"Scooter Girl" is a rompin' rocker in the studio session way, but much more engaging than most of those tracks. Grand reverb and lots of sun.

Surfology dotdotdotdotdot
Reverb Rock (Instrumental)

Great violin gives "Surfology" a mysterious sound. Imagine tremolo surf, lovely sunsets, and gentle waves, then add violin that reminds me of Richard Greene's work with the Blues Project. This is a splendid track with a great deal of charm and sophistication.

Rockman Enough dotdotdotdot
Reverb Rock (Instrumental)

This is more surfy than many here, and it has a kind of galloping beat & rhythm. Great drums and an open melody that invites listening. Quite good.

A Day At Mary Jane dotdotdot
Reverb Rock (Instrumental)

With a lot of post-Chuck Berry feeling, "A Day At Mary Jane" seems much too much of a rock jam than a song for me. There's solid energy, just nothing that captures my imagination, with the exception of the manic drums and "Wipe Out" style guitar work in the break, which is worth the price of admission alone.

Sealed With A Kiss dotdotdot
Reverb Rock (Instrumental)

The duel leads and silky slow pace make "Sealed With A Kiss" even more syrupy and romantic than the Brian Hyland original. Very last dance moody and smooth. The sax in the break is perfect.

Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen dotdotdot
Reverb Rock (Instrumental)

This is a very pretty track with a rich attraction. "Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen" ("With Me You Are Beautiful") has a lovely melody. It's one of the more obscure numbers thatJorgen Ingmann cut. This melody was written in 1932 for a Yiddish musical by Sholom Secunda.

Tamarindo dotdotdotdot
Reverb Rock (Instrumental)

Moody and sporting great galloping drums, this slightly western song is a splendid example of just how infectious a great drum beat and pretty melody can be. Slightly reminiscent of "Slaughter On Tenth Avenue," but not that song and much more delicate and sad. Very cool!

Blue Wave dotdotdotdot
Reverb Rock (Instrumental)

"Blue Wave" moves very slowly and beautifully. It's light and haunting sound paint a picture of quiet lagoons and palms. Simply lovely, and sophisticated too.