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Thom Beckman And The Lo-Fi Preachers - I Had A Swell Timedotdotdotdot
artworkThom Beckman ('63 Burnout) fronts this highly original band. The sound is a mix of surf roots and blues edge structured in a progressive rock way. This live session is the very first performance of this band.
Picks: Flamingo, Riding A Dead Horse, If You Say So, Dear Miss Radio, Devil's Playground, Speedway

Track by Track Review

Flamingo dotdotdotdot
Progressive Surf (Instrumental)

"Flamingo" is a lovely slow moving piece that's fluid and very well played. The imagery is sunset relaxed, but with a touch of risk out at the edges. Very nice.

Riding A Dead Horse dotdotdotdot
Progressive Surf (Instrumental)

Why flog it when you can ride it? "Riding A Dead Horse" is a spunky track with a circular melody and crisp edge. There's meanness in the break and relief in the melody. This very nice song flows right a long.

If You Say So dotdotdotdotdot
Progressive Surf (Instrumental)

This pumping track has a pretty aquatic melody, calling up images of perfect tubes below the cliff, with ant-speck riders effortlessly dodging left and right on the faces. Structurally more rock, but visually surf.

Dear Miss Radio dotdotdotdot
Progressive Surf (Instrumental)

This slow number ushers in restful moods. The lovely melody reminds me of Gil Orr's (Chantays, Duo-Tones) writing in the sense of his beautifully emotional lines. "Dear Miss Radio" connects with you immediately with warmth and invitation.

Devil's Playground dotdotdot
Progressive Surf (Instrumental)

"Devil's Playground" is a bluesy groover with liquid guitar lines. While more circular, perhaps even a bit noodly, it nonetheless is a very enjoyable track. The breaks are much more aggressive and angular.

Speedway dotdotdotdot
Progressive Surf (Instrumental)

"Speedway" double picks a raucous and thundering aggressive surf rage with a hot rod focus. Soaring guitar lines and ragged tone create a powerful sound.