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The Beatles - Early Tapes Ofdotdotdot
artworkThe Beatles could never be confused with a band even remotely linked to the surf scene. They did record a lone instro in their pre-major label days. It is in the style of Britain's main definers of guitar rock, Hank Marvin, and it appears on this CD.
Picks: Cry For A Shadow

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Cry For A Shadow dotdotdot
Rock (Instrumental)

The only instro the Fab Four recorded was a Shadows tribute, and in their style. Its minimal melody line is enduring, with Los Straitjackets covering it today in their live sets. This recording is interesting more for its oddness in the annals of the Beatles than for its pure instro value. It is not a surf tune, but it is as close as these boys would ever get. Incidentally, this is the only writing collaboration between George Harrison and John Lennon, as well as the only instro they ever recorded.