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The Beat Poets - Glasgow, Howard, Missouridotdotdotdot
artworkScotland's Beat Poets issued this 12 inch ep almost a decade ago. I'd forgotten about it until their split single came a long. When I pulled it out and listened to it again, I was stunned how current it sounds. This is a very good ep.
Picks: Killer Bee Honey, Surf's Up, Jack Ruby, Exterminator

Track by Track Review

Killer Bee Honey dotdotdot
Surf-N-Soul Groove (Instrumental)

A sax lead tune with surf guitar playing a cool jazzy rhythm bed. I never realized how Johnny & the Hurricanes this was until just now. :-}

Surf's Up dotdotdotdot
Surf-N-Soul Groove (Instrumental)

Evil sax and smooth surf guitar lines. Some kinda surf flow here... it reminds me a bit of GT Stringer. It's smooth R&B baseline, and it's dark storm surf feel give it an infectious edge.

Jack Ruby dotdot
Surf-N-Soul Groove (Instrumental)

A sax R&B raver utilizing a basic progression like many of the fifties R&B acts employed.

Exterminator dotdotdotdot
Surf-N-Soul Groove (Instrumental)

Evil sax over ominous shrill feedback and poundy drums. Really cool tune. It may be repetitious, but it's mean and oh-so COOL!