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The Beachmasters - Don't Surf Alone c/w Out Of Limits / Penetrationdotdotdot
artworkThe Beachmasters were from east coast during the mid-to-late eighties. They were populated by members of the Lyres, the Hopelessly Obscure, G. G. Allin, Unnatural Axe, and the Mighty Ions. They were Rex Reverb - lead guitar, Lance Hollywood - rhythm guitar, Troy Masters - bass, Buddy Love - organ, and Dash Riptide - drums. Their surf instros were mostly covers, but the handful of originals they did were top drawer for the day. This 1987 single sports "Don't Surf Alone" on the A-side, a Slickee Boys styled surf vocal that's full of life and fun.
Picks: Out Of Limits / Penetration

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Out Of Limits / Penetration dotdotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

The Beachmasters merge these two common surf classics with care. The arrangements are tight and respectful. The two are not intertwined, but rather medleyed, each clocking in at around two minutes, separated by a second of bubbly water sounds. Both are well delivered, and pristine. The "Penetration" arrangement is based on the Ventures rendition with the extra string swipes. The playing is excellent.