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Buddy Beach - Lost In The 60'sdotdot
artworkThis is a pleasant surprise. Back in the late eighties, I was compiling tracks for a British surf comp. I was contacted by a local named Buddy Beach. He had a very nice vocal on tape, and I agreed to submit it to the label, which subsequently went under before the release could happen. Buddy moved to Hawaii, and I never heard from him again. Then, here comes this CD. Now, aside from the lone instro, there's nothing here for the surf fan, but the soft and friendly loungy pop material is smooth and unpretentious. For an evening of mai tais and moonlight, this'll turn the trick.
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Pipeline dotdotdot
Surf Moderne (Instrumental)

This is truly a unique treatment of the Chantays' "Pipeline." Buddy's penchant for frothy beach pop shows itself in interesting ways here, from the warm effected guitar twang to the disco percussion and orchestral keys. It's a little like a cross between the eighties Routers' version, but less forced, and the Bruce Johnston take, but more fluid.