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Los Bat Boys - Temas De Peliculas De La TV Americana, Serie Batmandotdotdot
artworkI can't quite figure out what the point here is. Los Bat Boys make a dry, almost sterile pass at bad lounge, and it's almost as if they are magnifying the false-hip of lounge to the point of art, except it really doesn't hold my attention. Ah, well, what's a boy to do?
Picks: Batman, Menudo Jaleo, Charlie el Mentiroso, Saliendo con La Jet, El Visitante de Marte, La Amenaza del Villano, El Blues del Uppercut, Pelea a Bardo, Detras de la Bola 8, Es un Crimen

Track by Track Review

Batman dotdotdot
Batman Lounge Dirge (Instrumental)

"Batman" the Neil Hefty TV theme, without enough cheese to keep it interesting, but enough art to make it palatable.

Menudo Jaleo dot
Batman Lounge Dirge (Instrumental)

This familiar piece is so loungy that only a shirt and tie drunk would get off on it.

Charlie el Mentiroso dotdotdot
Batman Lounge Dirge (Instrumental)

A little cool percussion, a bit of the "Batman" rhythm, and a hypnotic beat. Most strange!

Saliendo con La Jet dotdotdot
Batman Lounge Dirge (Instrumental)

Racing engines yield to a typical Hollywood studio jam. Rockin' beat-wise, but like a bad day at Jimmy Smith's.

El Visitante de Marte dot
Batman Lounge Dirge (Instrumental)

Like you'd hear in the back room at the corner bar, plus horns and sterile playing. A parody of the underbelly of lounge jazz.

La Amenaza del Villano dot
Batman Lounge Dirge (Instrumental)

Whistling console organ whirls and swirls around a sub surf guitar, delivering an organ dominated progressional piece. Too jammy to be a real song.

El Blues del Uppercut dot
Batman Lounge Dirge (Instrumental)

This is strongly based on "Flight of the Bumble Bee." It's a fanciful flight of bar room filler.

Pelea a Bardo dot
Batman Lounge Dirge (Instrumental)

Soft organ and delicate piano over tribal drums give way to slushy lounge. Just so-so.

Detras de la Bola 8 dot
Batman Lounge Dirge (Instrumental)

Funky sub jazz riff based progressional go-go fair. It's interesting from the perspective of it's liberal borrowing from sixties works.

Es un Crimen dot
Batman Lounge Dirge (Instrumental)

"Es un Crimen" is a near tango lounge interpretation of "Sabre Dance." Aside from the forties/fifties damped trumpet, it's not very interesting.