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The Banzai Rebels - Surf Panic c/w Curse Of The Red Barondotdotdot
artworkMark Brodie's new band are captured in lo-fi sound continuing the legacy of his fine writing and playing.
Picks: Surf Panic, Curse Of The Red Baron

Track by Track Review

Surf Panic dotdotdotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

Characteristic Mark Brodie brashness and melody fire "Surf Panic." Don't let the murky sound get in your way. There's always something magical about his music, and this is no exception. Great playing and surf styling.

Curse Of The Red Baron dotdotdot
Eleki Surf (Instrumental)

In a cross between eleki and surf, the Banzai Rebels thrash their way through a raucous instro with some Japanese exclamations inserted. Great fun.