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Los Banditos - Porno-Uschidotdotdot
artworkA fine single with three cool instros and a trashy porn extract opener. No two tracks from this band are alike. Too cool!
Picks: Porno-Uschi, Omega C73-785G, Rickie Rocket and Die Rocks

Track by Track Review

Porno-Uschi dotdotdot
Happy Punk (Instrumental)

Thrashy chord rockin' damped choppin' sub punk, slightly reminiscent of the Toy Dolls. Cool and fun, thrashy and trashy.

Omega C73-785G dotdotdot
Spy (Instrumental)

Organ and loungy bass lines bring forth a spy guitar piece with a James Bond-ish feel. It's more than derivative, and more than just a spy track. "Omega C73-785G" is a well developed capsule ready for a film score from thirty years back, "bump bump" chorus and all.

Rickie Rocket and Die Rocks dotdotdotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

Vibratoed semi Link Wray inspired surf, with a slightly light weight yet mean sound. The relentless beat provides a rhythmic backdrop to a solid riff, with an eventual lead surf riff over the top. It's pretty repetitive, yet has the kind of minimal appeal of the Linkster. Very cool track.