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Los Banditos - Opiumpartydotdotdotdot
artworkOverall, the music is in the À Go-Go tradition, but much edgier and direct than the film fluff of the genre's original incarnation. Not a drop of surf, but more than half of this very entertaining CD is instrumental, and some of that is utterly original in nature.

Vocals include "Oh Madchen Komm," "Ca Plane Pour Moi" ("Jet Boy, Jet Girl"), "Ytrapmuipo," the rockabilly go-go grind of "Hot Rod Sally," the gloomy almost Amon Düül-ish epic "Illuminatis," and the very cool "Was Kann Ich Tun."
Picks: Nackt Im Taxi, Monika Und Janette, Beim Halligalli Bin Ich Konig (ultramono), Cairo, Hochzeit In Bistritja, Mittagsruhe Im Polizeirevier, Kalaschnikow, China Strip

Track by Track Review

Nackt Im Taxi dotdotdot
Garage À go-go (Instrumental)

A garagy chord progression backs up a go-go melody on angular guitar, with period console organ. A snappy beat and lots of spunk characterize this honest recording. The girls' chorus is a bit much, though sure fits the genre.

Monika Und Janette dotdotdot
Garage À go-go (Instrumental)

In a kind of blend of Booker T. and the MGs and movie discotheque soundtrack, "Monika Und Janette" grinds and pumps with a tweakiness and edge. It's packed with spunk and relentless party backdrop grind.

Beim Halligalli Bin Ich Konig (ultramono) dotdotdot
Garage À go-go (Instrumental)

An intro in German from some long lost anti drug propaganda yields to what is a variation to "Jet Boy, Jet Girl." Spunky and punchy and garagy, with more energy than suaveté.

Cairo dotdotdotdotdot
Psychedelic Dungeon (Instrumental)

Wow! This is sultry, psychedelic, modern angular strangitude with a middle eastern edge and electro coolness. Angular, a little dangerous, and seductive. It possesses an uncomfortable moodiness, a sense of unavoidable danger, and a dungeonous future with no escape. Quite a cool track!

Hochzeit In Bistritja dotdotdotdotdot
Klezmer Ska À go-go (Instrumental)

A pumpin' ska beat backs a totally fun track with a catchy melody line and very infectious sound. It even sports some maniacal double picked lines. The whole idea of merging ska and Klezmer is beyond the pale, yet it's incredibly cool! Big grins here!

Mittagsruhe Im Polizeirevier dotdot
Casio À go-go (Instrumental)

A cheap Casio percussion and keyboard lead slowly and softly mucks with a romantic theme. You have be ready for this one with your silliness hat screwed on tight.

Kalaschnikow dotdotdot
Air Raid À go-go (Instrumental)

Air raid sirens and relentless chord grind drives this riff rocker. It doesn't really have a melody, yet powers its way along with ample changes and energy. Grindy coolness.

China Strip dotdotdotdot
Garage À go-go (Instrumental)

A slow kick drum and vibrato guitar portray a gritty blues. Dark and gloomy, "China Strip" is pretty darn grodie. Quite cool.