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Ballistico - Welcome To The Western Carpet Worlddotdotdotdot
artworkBallistico is quite a ways off the beaten path of surf, yet there are some strong links. Among the very cool vocals on this CD is the amazingly suave and funky "Starting At The Stairs," which features some well placed surf guitar lines that are as unusual and interesting as the adventurous Simon Jones. Also featuring surfable guitar licks among the heavy thunder of industry and weirdness are "123 Te Amo" and the pop inversion of "Heart and Soul." This is one of the most interesting vocal discs I've heard in quite a while. Creative, adventurous, original, and intriguing. The CD closes out with a scenic psycho surf soundscape.
Picks: Purgatory In The Western Carpet World

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Purgatory In The Western Carpet World dotdotdotdot
Sensory Storm Surf (Instrumental)

"Purgatory In The Western Carpet World" is an atmospheric audio active track with the lapping shoreline pulsing and washing across the soundscape. It's more of a textural adventure than a song in the usual sense, but it sure does present the sea and a stormy adventure well. Quite interesting!