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Bad Manners - Skinheaddotdotdot
artworkBad Manners is a Ska outfit. They often include instros in their set. This CD includes several. It's a French release, but is pretty widely available. This CD was issued in '92, and is from sessions that were bootlegged in '89 or so. The lone surf track is Pipeline, but the whole CD is great ska fun, and the three other instros rule.
Picks: Pipeline, Johnny's Knee, Baby Elephant Walk, Viva La Ska Revolution

Track by Track Review

Pipeline dotdotdotdot
Miss-Ska-Culation Surf (Instrumental)

As Roland Al & The Soul Brothers 30 before them did, Bad Manners do "Pipeline," though Roland Al's version was retitled "Miss-Ska-Culation." In fact, the arrangement here owes a lot to that early version. BM's version of this surf classic is everything you might want from a Ska rendition. Pumping fun Ska beat & rhythms, honked horn lead, and great reverb.

Johnny's Knee dotdotdotdot
Electric Violin Ska (Instrumental)

Great ska instro fare, with lots of killer electric violin. A rankin' full stop number! No surf, but it's so infectious...

Baby Elephant Walk dotdotdotdot
Pachyderm Ska (Instrumental)

If Davie Allan can do it, so can BM. This is total ska, no surf, but so damn fun it hurts. makes you wanna take a bag of peanuts to the zoo.

Viva La Ska Revolution dotdotdot
Ska Ska Ska (Instrumental)

More pure ska instro funnage.