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Los Baby's - Pero Yo No Lo Conozcodotdotdot
artworkLos Baby's were mostly a cover band from Mexico. Their legendary status stems more from their illusiveness than their prowess on record I think. Pero Yo No Lo Conozco contains two instros, one of which is their one masterpiece, an echo-drenched interpretation of "(Ghost) Riders In The Sky" that's been comped a few times.
Picks: Jinetes En El Cielo

Track by Track Review

El Conejito Blanco dotdotdot
Garage (Instrumental)

Bouncy and poppy, "El Conejito Blanco" features dry-echoed muted guitar lines. Nicely played, but not particularly inspired or enticing. It sounds much less Mexican and more European than I expected it would, especially given my introduction to Los Baby's via their rousing version of "Ghost Riders In The Sky."

Jinetes En El Cielo dotdotdotdot

This is one of the most fun covers of The Ramrods' "(Ghost) Riders In The Sky" around. It's psychedelic garage from the work go, and surf from feeling. Tape echo is abused mercilessly for exceptionally cool affects, much as The Wangs did with "Bali Ha'i." Long double picked Echoplex slides and weirdness, and a great beat with pumping bass and solid drums. More fun than should be legal!