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The Astroglides - Selling Out With The Astroglidesdotdotdotdotdot
artworkThis is a superb release! Very original and powerful music, rich in reverb and danger. With so much dark emotion and downright fear, it may be more than one listening will allow. Don't let that stop you. This is well worth the time. Highly recommended!

"Into The Moist Cave," "Electro Shylock," and "Abdul Hamid" are sequence tracks sampled from video probably.
Picks: Double Donga, Settler Gogo, Shylock Shake, Guitar Cha Cha, Fanatic Mule Ride, Turkish Delight, Istenem Drago, The Standard Formula, Tantura Island, Dr. Salvatore Vs El Umbligo Coronado, Thunder! Lightning!, Train Damage

Track by Track Review

Double Donga dotdotdotdotdot

Dark danger presented via siren-like Theremin and muted chords support a very cool dribbling melody line. "Double Donga" is powerful, speedy, and very dangerous. The compelling intonation and emotion command attention. Excellent!

Settler Gogo dotdotdotdotdot

With a light hearted beat and marvelous muted rhythm, and a cautious melody, "Settler Gogo" contrasts playfulness with caution. The image presented is of celebration amid ever-present danger. Very cool!

Shylock Shake dotdotdotdot

Splashy playful darkness abounds in this imaginative epic suggestive of spies and adventure. The very original structure and combination of sounds is quite compelling. Excellent!

Guitar Cha Cha dotdotdotdotdot

Cowbell and dark reverb guitar take Link Wray and his Raymen's light hearted "Guitar Cha Cha," also known as "El Toro," to a whole new level. It's both humorous and dangerous, and demands multiple listenings! The chorus and galloping rhythms section are too cool! This is superb!

Fanatic Mule Ride dotdotdotdot

Fast and brimming with dark danger, "Fanatic Mule Ride" is very strong. Its dark soundscape and flippant melody combine to create a magnetic punkoidal romp on the back of a most stubborn creature. Quite cool!

Turkish Delight dotdotdotdotdot

"Turkish Delight" has been floated about in demo form as a CD single for a while. In final mastering, it is simply superb! It's so much bigger! Huge, powerful, imaginative, and utterly infectious. This very ominous instro with a Mediterranean mystique and stereo guitars darkly spreads danger, subtle optimism, and desperation as only great songs can. It uses many changes and to convey its stark imagery. I like this a lot.

Istenem Drago dotdotdotdotdot

Ominous lumbering guitars, bass, and drums relentlessly march on your position, and there's nothing to do but dread their arrival. Rhythmic, threatening, and downright scary. The imagery here is stunningly clear, like a metal monster converted to reverb danger. Wow!

The Standard Formula dotdotdotdot

With the intro quirkiness of "The Casbah," this song plays with sanity via the Lalo Schiffrin chorus and strangitudinal meanderings. The contrast between ominous surf images and cheesy fifties film score weirdness creates a compelling sound.

Tantura Island dotdotdotdot

This is a splendid track that portrays an image of the kind of island always arrived at in monster movies. Imagine Skull Island from King Kong viewed from just outside the shore break on a broken longboard. Wonderful!

Dr. Salvatore Vs El Umbligo Coronado dotdotdotdot

Tweaky guitaristry and dangerously dysfunctional melody lines create a sense of abnormality, which is followed by punkoidal surf grinds that enhance the threat. Amazing!

Thunder! Lightning! dotdotdotdotdot

One of the more "normal" tracks here, "Thunder! Lightning!" is a combination of a circular melody line and cycling chorus that suggest spies and adventure. It's really quite surreal in the break with the galloping rhythm and sirenic Theremin, and the chorus just makes it more so. Imagine Enio Morrecone on acid!

Train Damage dotdotdotdotdot

Long sustain, fuzzy danger, Theremin howls, and assaultive production. This rises relentlessly to an overwhelming threat. Superb!