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The Astro Zombies - The Astro Zombies Are Comingdotdot
artworkAmid the many spirited vocals here are two instros, one of which comes close to surf. Not being a fan of most psychobilly, I'm not going to characterize this album's main body of work.
Picks: The Usual Suspects

Track by Track Review

The Astro Zombies Are Coming... dotdot
Psychobilly (Instrumental)

A really long b-movie trailer intro runs atop a quarter of "The Astro Zombies Are Coming...." After that, it's a really typical guitar boogie shuffle in the key of psychobilly. While there's [plenty of spunk, there's nothing here that's new or exotic.

The Usual Suspects dotdotdot
Psychobilly (Instrumental)

Extracts from The Usual Suspects opens this song. I don't know if it's a melody from the film. It's a high energy romp with plenty of spunk and enough going on to keep it in front. Splashy and verging on surf.