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The Astro Zombies - Mutilate, Torture And Killdotdotdot
artworkThe Astro Zombies are all about psychobilly. Mutilate, Torture And Kill includes three instros, one of which is very surfable, and one psychedelic in the howling wonderful way. Only slight surf connection via instrumentality.
Picks: Fort Chabrol, Screamers, The Lute Number

Track by Track Review

Fort Chabrol dotdotdotdot
Psychobilly (Instrumental)

"Fort Chabrol" is an intense and chunky number with a great melody riff and upstart energy. It's totally psychobilly, but you can well imagine this song all decked out in reverb.

Screamers dotdotdot
Psychobilly (Instrumental)

This is very dark and metallic, with determined anger and assault. "Screamers" is psychobilly on the rampage with screams. Very rhythmic and intense.

The Lute Number dotdotdotdot
Psychobilly (Instrumental)

Long distorted feedback sustained guitar begins this lumbering post metal rock anthem. "The Lute Number" is psychedelic as well as dangerous. Darkness descends on all who hear this. Whoa!