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Arrogance - Re: Live (Arrogance Live at Cat's Cradle 08/14/2004)dotdotdot
artworkArrogance seem mostly to me to be a hard edged bar band. Their live material is on the muddy side, but drips energy and audience engagement.
Picks: Surf Medley

Track by Track Review

Surf Medley dotdotdot
Rock (Instrumental)

This live medley sports three surf classics, beginning with "Pipeline." It's done with rock attitude and some very cool dry glissandos. It transitions into "Penetration," done with sparkling chords and a loud edge. "Walk, Don't Run" rounds out the medley, and it's much more pedestrian, though as part of the set, quite fitting. The medley segues into Barrett Strong's "Money," though it listed as "Surf Medley (cont.)".