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The Arondies - '69 c/w All My Lovedotdotdot
artworkThis single is way more rare and illusive than it is essential or cool. It's legend is primarily founded in its period rebellion - its use of a sexual slang expression in the title and in its chanted lines. In 1965, this single sold in the 10,000 range, a significant volume for the time and for an indie label. They were a trio to the time of this recording. The Arondies were Jim Pavlack - guitar, Gary Pittman - bass, and Bill Scully - drums. By late '65, the band regenerated around Pittman and Pavlack , who were joined by Chuck Taska and Ralph Falk, who later moved to Detroit under the name The Soul Congress, who did some session work there, including backing The O'Jays in '71 on "Do It."
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69 dotdotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

A surf progression and reverb, with a chunky chord set, and occasional utterances of "69." No melody, but it's the sort of thing that a band might warm up with. It even ends like they weren't all sure it was time. Fun and chunky, but miles from essential.