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A.R. and Machines - Die Grune Reisedotdot
artworkWhat prog did to rock'n'roll was replace the emotional content out and replace it with intellectual sequences. A.R. and Machines proves the point with their 1971 album.
Picks: Globus, Beautiful Babylon, As If I Have Seen All This Before

Track by Track Review

Globus dotdotdot
Progressive Rock (Instrumental)

Weirdness opens to echo delayed guitar playing a repetitious line slightly reminiscent of Epitaph's "Outside The Law." This is long and slowly evolving, with a mathematical feel, and sometimes almost sterile coolness.

Beautiful Babylon dotdotdot
Progressive Rock (Instrumental)

Extreme guitar echo and percussion delivering the kind of beats found twenty years later in trance and hypno. This really evolves slowly and is cyclic, yet engages as trance can. There's a bit of Neu in here, if that helps reference it.

As If I Have Seen All This Before dotdotdot
Progressive Rock (Instrumental)

dark keyboard sequences and vocal mumbling rise to begin a haunting and scary number that's nightmarish, in a "Pow-R-Toch" kind of way. Cyclic, kick drum active, and evolving. It eventually gets saturated in echo.