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Aqua Vista vs. The Surf Creature - Rapido-A-GoGodotdotdotdot
artworkThe former guitarist for the Surf Creatures is heading up this new venture. The focus is dark speed surf from a thrashy punk viewpoint. The writing is good and the playing excellent, of course. Generally speaking, more presence of the lead guitar in the mix would give this more focus, but there's no denying the power and drive of this CD-R. Some label should pick these guys up.
Picks: Danger Men, Fast Eating Increases Depth, Cafe Barrio, Rapido-A-GoGo, Codename 814, Creature From The Surf, Return To Toxic Beach

Track by Track Review

Danger Men dotdotdotdot
Power Thrash Surf (Instrumental)

Eerie warm twang and spacy murk... The racing surf guitar drives home a dangerous experience. More about power and a menacing soundscape, "Danger Men" is quite a strong track. Mayhem on a shortboard in space.

Fast Eating Increases Depth dotdotdot
Power Thrash Surf (Instrumental)

"Fast Eating Increases Depth" is a relentless nerve shatterer, with more dash than charm, and more drive than gallantry. The riffs fly and the power pours out. It didn't make me hungry or full, just nervous.

Cafe Barrio dotdotdotdot
Power Thrash Surf (Instrumental)

Big, fast, hard driving reverb laden power surge. All I can say is "intense!" This kind of nervous energy will give you indigestion if you eat at the "Cafe Barrio." Perhaps it's a club and not an eatery.

Rapido-A-GoGo dotdotdotdot
Power Thrash Surf (Instrumental)

Beware title tracks... but not this time. Power punched amp wrangling surf thrash with an insane drive.

Codename 814 dotdotdotdot
Power Thrash Surf (Instrumental)

Ultra chunkorama thrashabunga reverbomatic hardcharging instromania. How's that for a string of made up words? Great lead riff under the mix... relentless!

Creature From The Surf dotdotdotdot
Power Thrash Surf (Instrumental)

Whammy, surf riffology, dark crunch, and hard drivin' playing. "Creature From The Surf" swims in the reverb and whammy, and delivers the goods. Whew! I'm tired!

Return To Toxic Beach dotdotdotdot
Power Thrash Surf (Instrumental)

Menacing dark and evil, screams cry for a last breath as life runs out... a very disturbing tale of murder on the docks. It's a fine composition in a mid tempo vein. At over six minutes, it rules the night.