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Anvil Head - MySpacedotdotdot
artworkThis is a download from Anvil Head's MySpace page. All tracks are from various of their releases. Modern surf rock, metal edged, and often heavy, yet melodic and surf-worthy.
Picks: After Hours, Ride The Wave, Stomp

Track by Track Review

After Hours dotdotdot
Surf Grunge (Instrumental)

"After Hours" slowly moves on tremolo vibes over spatial strings. The guitar comes in to play lovely lines and big bluesy notes. Imagine Jeff Beck with MJQ. It's kinda like that, but wholly original.

Mud Devil dotdotdot
Surf Grunge (Instrumental)

"Mud Devil" employs a more angular riff in the beginning, and then moves to a modest cycling riff with very heavy tone.

Ride The Wave dotdotdotdot
Surf Grunge (Instrumental)

Heavy chords playing a very cool progression along with modern guitar driving a melody laden with coastal imagery. "Ride The Wave" has a gray wave feel, with dark verses separated by optimistic ones.

Shut The Gate dotdotdot
Surf Grunge (Instrumental)

Chunky, muted chord chops, and long sustain with layered guitar lines. "Shut The Gate" is heavy, dark, and built around the rhythm guitar licks.

Stomp dotdotdot
Surf Grunge (Instrumental)

Big rock chords and ethereal keys, with spooky bridges and beautiful piano lines. "Stomp" moves through a number of changes that, by all rights, should not coexist. Cinematic and cool.