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Anthrax - Attack Of The Killer B'sdotdotdot
artworkWhen discussing surf instrumentals, one would expect a Who? response when mentioning Anthrax, but if you look under the heading of one-ride-wonders, you'll find a plethora of unlikely surfnauts. This CD is a collection of their B-sides, one of which was Pipeline.
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Pipeline dotdotdot
Thrash Metal Surf (Instrumental)

One of those "why did they do that" seems that every since Johnny Thunders issued "Pipeline" on his "So Alone" album, punks, thrashers and metallurgists have been doing it. So it is that we find Anthrax spewing out an average Thunders-like version of the Chantays' classic. It's a decent version, and if your a collector of such things, you need this. Originally released on an ep called "Penikuffesin" (Japan and Europe only), this track is their misguided tribute to the ventures, whom they mistakenly think originated such music.