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The Amino Acids - Humanity Will Fall Like Pinsdotdotdotdot
artworkI don't usually like post 1980 punk sounds, but I gotta say that The Amino Acids are just amazing. there's speed metal, punk, surf, biker fuzz, space rock, and more, and it's well done and melodic, something that few punk bands bother with. Goodness!
Picks: Explosive Heads, Orbital Velocity=$, DNA, Level C, Interstitial #1, Reverb 666, Behind The Shoe Nebula, Krel, Gamma Ray Harryhausen, Tor Johnson's Remains, Rocket To The Chest, Interstitial #2, Operation Moon Thing, Abe's Chainsaw From Venus Or Some Shit, Interstitial #3, Terror Beyond A World Unknown, Good-4-U, I Love It When A Planet Comes Together, Interstitial #4, Conspiracy Petrol (S.O.S.), Focusing Disintegrator Ray, "Slak" Removal Machine, Interstitial #5

Track by Track Review

Explosive Heads dotdotdot
Punk Robot Surf (Instrumental)

Double pick speed licks romp over punk drums and bass. Intense compression on the guitar drive "Explosive Heads" ballistic.

Orbital Velocity=$ dotdotdot
Punk Robot Surf (Instrumental)

A cycling riff and ugly distortion and speed metal flash pummel the silence, and anything else that gets in the way.

DNA, Level C dotdotdot
Punk Robot Surf (Instrumental)

This is a super short punk blast that just doesn't let up. Good thing it's only a half minute long, 'cuz you'd be all used up otherwise.

Interstitial #1 dotdot
Punk Robot Surf (Instrumental)

Twenty four seconds live, including the introduction and thanks. Furious and brisk.

Reverb 666 dotdotdot
Punk Robot Surf (Instrumental)

Could it be that the Devil has an outboard reverb? Heavy speed metal with a spitfire melody and all-punk rhythm section. Did I mention heavy?

Behind The Shoe Nebula dotdotdot
Punk Robot Surf (Instrumental)

The riff is the thing here. It's melodic and dark, but then you coulda guessed that by now. Thrashy, speedy, pumped, and aggressive.

Krel dotdotdot
Surf Punk (Instrumental)

This is a fast punkoidal number with low gutty tone and a relentless surfable riff. Very much punk, "Krel" thrashes like Chachi, Boba Fett, & The Wookiee did, but darker.

Gamma Ray Harryhausen dotdotdotdot
Punk Robot Surf (Instrumental)

Cool title. Dark speed thrash, destructive drums, and a monstrous pounding sound. The riff is interesting, as is the compression and long sustain on the guitar.

Tor Johnson's Remains dotdotdotdot
Punk Robot Surf (Instrumental)

"Tor Johnson's Remains" is brutal. Superb distortion and no remorse. You can imagine Motorhead on a surfboard! Egads!

Rocket To The Chest dotdotdot
Punk Robot Surf (Instrumental)

A quickie blast of chord progression and shrieking theremin. Punkoidal double pick thrash. Yikes.

Interstitial #2 dotdotdotdot
Punk Robot Surf (Instrumental)

This is a backward variant of "Fear The Future."

Operation Moon Thing dotdotdot
Punk Robot Surf (Instrumental)

Nearly burping distortion and double picked speed metal with melody. The howling feedback and theremin wails are very cool! Like a super-fast version of Planet Seven, or maybe Billy Joe Winghead.

Abe's Chainsaw From Venus Or Some Shit dotdotdotdot
Punk Robot Surf (Instrumental)

"Abe's Chainsaw From Venus Or Some Shit" is a slower number with a light melody in dark tone. If you doubt the surf connection, this will explain it. It ranges from slow and moody to fast and double picked, from surf twinged to metal obnoxious.

Interstitial #3 dotdot
Punk Robot Surf (Instrumental)

Funny stage introduction of the band... They must be superb live.

Terror Beyond A World Unknown dotdotdotdot
Punk Robot Surf (Instrumental)

Wailing theremin, a surf melody, super-compressed guitar, punk drum rage, and - well - power and thrashy angst. "Terror Beyond A World Unknown" is really cool, and very dark!

Good-4-U dotdotdotdot
Punk Robot Surf (Instrumental)

Wailing theremin, guitar danger, sci-fi strange, dissonant, and compelling in an ugly noise kind of way. Where, oh where would they be without Blue Cheer?

I Love It When A Planet Comes Together dotdotdot
Punk Robot Surf (Instrumental)

Harsh punk thrash with a great circling and surfable melody. "I Love It When A Planet Comes Together" may be a short blast, but it sure does wear you out!

Interstitial #4 dotdotdot
Punk Robot Surf (Instrumental)

Howling in reverb from guitar noise as only indulgent feedback and playing around can, "Interstitial" gets to the psychedelic root of it al.

Conspiracy Petrol (S.O.S.) dotdotdotdot
Punk Robot Surf (Instrumental)

The riff here is based on Motorhead's "Ace Of Spades." In other words, it pounds you into submission. Wah-hou!

Focusing Disintegrator Ray dotdotdot
Punk Robot Surf (Instrumental)

Pay attention now. Great drums and pounding bass, grode-plus guitar, and a narrative over the break, all in a minute!

"Slak" Removal Machine dotdotdotdot
Punk Robot Surf (Instrumental)

Speed guitar, thundering tom toms, dangerous distortion, menacing howls, and that's just the character of it. ""Slak" Removal Machine" is one heavy duty power trip. Oh man!

Interstitial #5 dotdot
Punk Robot Surf (Instrumental)

Soft sequenced fluff between songs... backwards and flighty.