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The Amino Acids - Destroy The Warming Sundotdotdotdot
artworkImagine if Ozzie was a surf punk! That's just a hint at what Hell hath wrought in Detroit. This is all punk dashed with metal and space and surf. Not for the faint at heart. If you liked Chachi, Boba Fett & The Wookiee, you're gonna dig these tracks. For "Fear The Future" alone, you must hear these guys!
Picks: Dunked In The Think Tank, Trafalgar #42, Astro Squid, The Lost Coordinate, Cycle Spin, Man's Reach (Into Space), Fear The Future, Destruct, Like Sheep To The Moon, 13013, Vesspa, Mars Needs Women, Gas The Verig-Men, Bowling In Roswell, Destroy The Warming Sun

Track by Track Review

Dunked In The Think Tank dotdotdot
Punk Robot Surf (Instrumental)

"Dunked In The Think Tank" is a thrashy punkoidal instrumental with kind of Davie Allan-ish lead fuzz guitar. The theremin (or keyboard) wails and warbles in a slightly gimmicky way, but it's really quite endearing. Aggressive and distortion oriented, with chop chords and dark fuzz.

Trafalgar #42 dotdotdot
Punk Robot Surf (Instrumental)

Deeply menacing and harsh, "Trafalgar #42" trashes and thrashes like it was born of Black Sabbath if only they were a punk band. More punk than anything else, with compressed dark fuzz guitar.

Astro Squid dotdotdot
Punk Robot Surf (Instrumental)

Fast punk instrumental assault. "(Return Of The Attack Of The Curse Of The Sun Of The) Astro Squid (Part XIV Chapter SIX)" rocks with a dangerous heart.

The Lost Coordinate dotdotdotdot
Punk Robot Surf (Instrumental)

This is a howlingly dangerous number with theremin wails and dark fuzz. Punk drums and bass drive "The Lost Coordinate" hard, and the result is a compelling number not unlike Chachi, Boba Fett & The Wookiee with intergalactic sirens. very cool!

Cycle Spin dotdotdot
Punk Robot Surf (Instrumental)

Hard driven edge and punky energy with rock sensibilities powers "Cycle Spin (13013)" totally. It's an aggressive song with a surfable melody line and dark tone. It's all about distortion and being loud.

Man's Reach (Into Space) dotdotdot
Punk Robot Surf (Instrumental)

"Man's Reach" is thoroughly punk, but with a melody. Very dark, with distortion at full tilt, and theremin whistling away. Does a work like groovy apply to this sound? It does now.

Fear The Future dotdotdotdotdot
Surf Punk (Instrumental)

Rising from silence, "Fear The Future" uses really dark tone and tom toms to deliver very big drama. This is a masterpiece of menacing aural imagery. Low down, gutty, and brutal in a very compelling way. The slow pace makes this a stellar track.

Destruct dotdot
Punk Robot Surf (Instrumental)

Pure punk rage and speed for all of thirteen seconds.

Like Sheep To The Moon dotdotdot
Punk Robot Surf (Instrumental)

Like a fuzzed out liquid super hero theme on punk steroids, "Like Sheep To The Moon" pummels and throbs. Very speedy and dark.

13013 dotdotdot
Punk Robot Surf (Instrumental)

Warbly punk on a melody fix. The main riff is very cool, and with such heavy distortion, "13013" simply rocks! It may be short, but it's very effective. Go theremin wail!

Vesspa dotdotdot
Punk Robot Surf (Instrumental)

Heavy dark punk thrash with a melodic riff, and at just over a minute, "Vesspa" is rock solid.

Mars Needs Women dotdotdot
Punk Robot Surf (Instrumental)

Ultra short blast of theremin shrieks and punk chords firing a dark riff.

Gas The Verig-Men dotdotdot
Punk Robot Surf (Instrumental)

Starting from vinyl noise and tinny progressions, suddenly "Gas The Verig-Men" rocks and grunts with metal angst and a punk rhythm section. Menacing.

Bowling In Roswell dotdotdot
Punk Robot Surf (Instrumental)

More punk-n-dissorderly drums and bass, dark distortion, a cool melody riff, and no shortage of energy. Wail on, oh theremin!

Destroy The Warming Sun dotdotdotdotdot
Punk Robot Surf (Instrumental)

Gigantic chords, chaotic drums, and intense dueling theremin are the harbinger of destruction. Stinging string bending and superb guitar noise. Howling ultra-distorted feedback, kicked reverb, and the biggest threat to Hawkwind's "Ten Seconds To Forever." It's all noise, but what a monster!