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The Aloha Sluts - Demodotdot
artworkVery much riff rock with reverb and a touch of surf. I thought lo-fi was dead in surf, but apparently there are still some bands that don't care how bad they sound. Essentially the descendant of Holland's now defunct Los Cheatos, Aloha Sluts seem much less interesting at this point in their development.
Picks: Let Freeman Surf!, Nippon Lock n' Loll, Pianoverb Surf

Track by Track Review

Let Freeman Surf! dot
Trash Surf (Instrumental)

Super murky trash surf riff rock. Little beyond the use of reverb and a few double picked lines connects "Let Freeman Surf!" to surf music. Pure, unadulterated trash. Very lo-fi.

Nippon Lock n' Loll dotdot
Trash Surf (Instrumental)

This under a minute blast is pretty surfy, with some fun glissandos and a frantic riff. Sadly, it fades at :59 and was cut in a hurry without much though to sound.

Pianoverb Surf dotdot
Trash Surf (Instrumental)

Murky lo-fi mono sound hides a decent surf riff rocker. Quite repetitious.