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Davie Allan and the Arrows - OST Teenage Rebelliondotdotdotdot


Six Davie Allan instros among the exploitation tracks of this b-movie pretending to be a documentary. Forget the setting, dig Davie Allan!

Picks: The Geisha Girl, The French Kiss, The Young World, Make Love Not War

Track by Track Review

Orgy Around The World dotdotdot

Country (Instrumental)

This is one light bouncer! It has a country light melody that's way fun. It seems like the seed of an idea that's not quite developed, though there are some changes. The break is just a jam. Very much in s fifties style.

The Geisha Girl dotdotdotdot

Near Surf (Instrumental)

"The Geisha Girl" is a lovely instro with classic western Asian melody influences. It features a fine melody line, and is very endearing. It doesn't take much to allow this to drift into a surf space, though it sure is not. Very cool!

The French Kiss dotdotdotdot

Psych (Instrumental)

Also recorded as "Diana's Theme," this is a splendid and gentle instro with surf-pretty written all over it. Its playful melody is superb, and its light tone endearing. "The French Kiss" is of the island lovely variety, with a bouncier beat than that usually implies.

The Young World dotdotdotdot

Fuzz (Instrumental)

Romping fuzz and psycho-edged warbles from string bending, extra grode guitar, and a classic Davie Allan melody line. "The Young World" is a fine example of the poppier side of fuzz, yet is a very credible mind rocker.

A Young Girl's Mistake dotdotdot

Psych (Instrumental)

Goofy and light weight, with electronic percussion (at least the drums sound like Casio on demand - OK more like the percussion of people like Gershon Kingsley or Dick Hyman). Structurally, it has a sort of Elizabethan feel.

Make Love Not War dotdotdotdotdot

Biker Fuzz (Instrumental)

One-note drama oozes from the intro to this intense instro. Also called "Action on the Street," "Make Love Not War" is an interesting tack in its complete lack of melody that nonetheless creates the kind of raw-nerve tension that Armageddon used so effectively with "Buzzard." It's big drama and mix of rhythm elements make it hard to ignore.