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Alf - Melmac Girlsdotdotdotdot
artworkAlf, with his three fingers and his ant eater's snout, and long shaggy brown fur, longed for the lasses of his home planet. One fine day, while in the throws of loneliness, he wrote this song. Soon, he joined with a few other resident aliens in the studio and cut "Melmac Girls." This flexi-disc came with a soft and friendly Surfer Alf stuffed toy as part of a Burger King® promotion. It may be a vocal, but it's just too fun and silly to ignore any longer.
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Melmac Girls dotdotdotdot
Alien Surf (Vocal)

This is unbelievably cool, in a TV sorta way. All of the cheesy camp of Alf translated directly into the Beach Boys' syrupy style, and then laid out on a plastic-on-cardboard flexi-disc. The whole idea is ludicrous, but works really well. Totally cool!