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The Aladdins - Mondo Topless (OST)dotdotdot
artworkFirst off, there's no surf here. Second, the audio is really crappy. Third, there are no complete tracks, each being talked over in part and some cut short of their ending. All that said, it's really hard to imagine these tracks are really from a San Francisco Bay Area band circa 1966. It's very loud, aggressive, and out of sorts with the scene at the time. Scenics aside, this is a precursor to lo-fi, and I sure would like to know who these guys really were, and if actual tapes exist instead of the awful film audio used as sources.
Picks: Babette Bardot, It's Only A Dance, Zizie La Touche, Underwater Sports, Crazy Horse

Track by Track Review

Pat Barringer dotdot
Pre-Psychedelic Go-Go (Instrumental)

This is a short excerpt from a rockin' jam. The rhythm is right out of The Young Rascals' "Good Lovin'." It ricks and rocks and jams hard. Too bad it's cut so short.

Diane Young dotdot
Pre-Psychedelic Go-Go (Instrumental)

This song is really all about the jam, but its primitive angst is quite compelling. Slightly reminiscent of "Suzie Q," the song has quite a bit of spunk and groove.

Babette Bardot dotdotdot
Pre-Psychedelic Go-Go (Instrumental)

Another hard jammin' rocker with big twang and lots of loud tone. The frantic pace and trashy approach is very unusual for 1966.

The Delights Of Men dotdotdot
Pre-Psychedelic Go-Go (Instrumental)

This is a saucy sax groover with cool piano and a smoky club feel. It's just greasy enough to serve as a bump and grind excursion.

It's Only A Dance dotdotdot
Pre-Psychedelic Go-Go (Instrumental)

The long sustain and raw guitar tone, along with the electric piano and writhing chord rhythm and beat, create an intense pre-psychedelic trance monster. It's about a year ahead of its time, though certainly too go-go trashy for the large halls.

Zizie La Touche dotdotdot
Pre-Psychedelic Go-Go (Instrumental)

While thoroughly post surf, there is a tonal reference point and energy. It's hard to imagine this sound in 1966, yet it's right here. Part surf, part go-go, very loud, and a precursor to psychedelic. Very cool!

Underwater Sports dotdotdot
Pre-Psychedelic Go-Go (Instrumental)

"Underwater Sports" is part gimmicky weirdness via the goofy effects that will remind you of Kai Winding & Kenny Burrell's "Surf Bird." It's intensity and in your face edge contrast with the strangitude of the whacky sounds.

Berlin Blues dotdot
Pre-Psychedelic Go-Go (Instrumental)

This is a just a blues riffer draped in extra loud corduroy. Extra greasy!

Crazy Horse dotdotdot
Pre-Psychedelic Go-Go (Instrumental)

Part big pop twang and part instro jam of "Good Lovin'." Rippin' and rompin' without restraint. While it's just a jam, it's really hot.