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Agentenmusik - Play Themes From Famous German Krimi Moviesdotdotdot
artworkAgentenmusik plays a loosely spy go-go form of instro rock with occasional surf elements. While they are off the beaten path for surf, their music is fun and well developed. the reason for this review is the surf-based "Der Blaue Komet,," which provides lots to enjoy.
Picks: Die Fratze Des Todes, Heisse Naechte In Sand Toupet, Cafe Urzula, Die Raumsucher, Im Auftrag Des Rotrn Atoms, Godzilla Twist, Die 9 Finger Des Margers, Der Blaue Komet, Die Geheimen Zombies Des Dr Boehm

Track by Track Review

Die Fratze Des Todes dotdotdot
Instro (Instrumental)

"Die Fratze Des Todes" features a descending melody line that's slightly haunted and fun. It's the rhythm track that gives it the edge.

Heisse Naechte In Sand Toupet dotdotdot
Instro (Instrumental)

This easy going track is based on an organ melody except in the bridges, where the guitar's textured edge give the track more bite. Quite nice.

Cafe Urzula dotdotdot
Instro (Instrumental)

Sort of Deep Purple in the mall organ opens "Cafe Urzula." The track quickly transitions into a surfable guitar romp with a Mediterranean bounce. While it's on the edge of adult contemporary, it's also really fun. You might detect references to "Istanbul."

Die Raumsucher dotdotdot
Instro (Instrumental)

More on the rockin' edgy side of the tracks, "Die Raumsucher" displays grit and go-go grind. It's the edge and energy that makes it compelling.

Im Auftrag Des Rotrn Atoms dotdotdot
Instro (Instrumental)

Funky James Brown-ish rhythms and spy organ pump out moody charm. I usually do not like things of this sort, but I found "Im Auftrag Des Rotrn Atoms" to be entertaining and fun.

Godzilla Twist dotdotdotdot
Instro (Instrumental)

Leaning on stereo type Japanese melody riffs, "Godzilla Twist" is a pumping, hard driving, if slightly gimmicky track. More riff rock than melodic, and garagy fun.

Gerry Hatten Aktionsspur E 22 dotdot
Instro (Instrumental)

Schmalzy loungy slither with hipster sound. I can't say this impacted me much, but then I'm not a fan of sixties nerd rock.

Nebel Ober Den Feldern dotdot
Instro (Instrumental)

Slow and slushy organ and wah wah guitar. "Nebel Ober Den Feldern" is pretty and light, but at the end of the day, not memorable. The funky wah wah break does nothing to save it, though with different textures, it would verge on cool psychedelia.

Lestrade Und Der Sarg Des Dr Wotzow dotdot
Instro (Instrumental)

"Lestrade Und Der Sarg Des Dr Wotzow" is a moderately cool track in the key of lounge. Sorta fun, but even back in the day, this kind of thing shouted pretentious nerds feign cool.

Die 9 Finger Des Margers dotdotdot
Instro (Instrumental)

A haunting opening that suggests Bloodrock's "D.O.A." yields to a sorta rockin' chumpster. Is it me, or is the guitar out of tune? Slightly psychedelic, somewhat morbid, and fanciful. I don't know why, but I ended up liking this.

Der Blaue Komet dotdotdotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

Great surf guitar plays a delightful melody with infectious backing. "Der Blaue Komet" ("The Blue Comet") is a very good track. The bridge is organ driven, and the surf guitar just flies. The melody is similar to The Tornados' "Ridin' The Wind." Very cool!

Agenten In Rom Antik dotdotdot
Instro (Instrumental)

"Agenten In Rom Antik" is a pretty and slow piece with echoed guitar and mall organ. Oddly, the combination of tones is endearing. Then the break ruined it for me.

Die Geheimen Zombies Des Dr Boehm dotdotdot
Instro (Instrumental)

A spooky intro brings on a very tasteful track. On the jazzy faux-cool side, yet authentically edgy and powerful. "Die Geheimen Zombies Des Dr Boehm" ends up being pretty darn solid.