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The A-Bones - Music Minus Fivedotdotdot
artworkThe A-Bones, inspired by the bright lights of Crampsville and the screeching tires of the demolition derby play unencumbered, high spirited, genuine rock 'n' roll. The A-Bones deliver the real thing, boys and girls. Among their documents are a few tasty instros. This set was recorded at Seattle's Egg Studios by Conrad Uno.
Picks: El Kabong, Donut Run, Oasis Part 3

Track by Track Review

El Kabong dotdotdot
Hot Rod (Instrumental)

To paraphrase Captain Beefheart, this is too grode for my mirror. It's a non-melodic super pumped ultra grind, with major fifties rod and sixties LA influences. It's entirely too hot to handle, delivered with maximum energy and minimum caution. Like a Hog at 80 mph without a helmet, it's a blast until you lose it. Great track.

Donut Run dotdotdotdot
Surfin' Hot Rod (Instrumental)

Very surf oriented monster dedicated to the survival mode Officer Donut often finds himself in. This is one dandy number, melodic enough, highly infectious, and with a surplus of energy. Thumpy pumped, reverberating, mean sax and guitar driven, and just plain cool.

Oasis Part 3 dotdotdot
Surfin' Mecca (Instrumental)

Moderately paced, sax suave, guitar filtered, and built on an unusual beat. Fifties rock 'n' exotica with a definite magnetism. There's something middle astern about it, but not in the usual trite way. The real question is, where are parts one and two?